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Application Process

The King's Hospital operates a waiting list admissions system and therefore we accept registration forms for prospective Form 1 students from birth. Our registration form is currently unavailable online so you must contact our Admissions Office by email or  phone at +353 1 6436564 and we will send you an Admissions Pack in the post. Please find our Admissions Policy here.


The information you will need to complete the registration form is:

  • Child's PPS number.
  • Parents/Guardians' contact details (phone, address & email).
  • Signatures for Parents/Guardians
  • Current school name, address & roll number (if attending school already).
  • A copy (original not required) of the child's birth certificate.
  • A certificate of religious affiliation signed by the religious leader of the church you attend only if you are a practising member of a Protestant or affiliated faith.
  • Details or reports of any Special Education Needs including giftedness.
  • A cheque, bank draft, money order, or cash fee of €75, which can also be paid by direct debit (bank details found on the form).

A pupil must have reached twelve years of age by the time they are to begin Form 1.

It is important to remember that if you have more than one child we require a separate registration form for each sibling. There is no automatic guarantee of a place for a sibling, as per our admissions policy, and they must be registered and placed on the waiting list like every other child.

One we receive the registration form it is date stamped and you will receive an emailed receipt for your records, unless you specify otherwise. As most of the school communications will now take place by email, it is recommended that you give us a personal email address over a work one. Some of you will be submitting forms over eleven years before your child is due to begin secondary school and it is very important that we have the correct details for you on file. If you change email, home address or phone number, please advise us straight away. 


Parents and children who have registered for a place will be invited to attend our Open Day. (For 2019 entrants the Open Day is being help on Friday April 27th, 2018). First round offers will be posted approximately two weeks after Open Day, second round offers one month later. You will have two weeks to sign and return the acceptance form, along with the deposit of €600. If you do not return the acceptance form by the closing date, or notify us of why, the offer will be withdrawn and given to another child on the waiting list. This will continue throughout the year until all available places have been filled.


We also operate a waiting list for mid-stream students so the registration form must be requested and returned as for Form 1 applicants above, with the addition of a most recent school report. If a place becomes available you will be contacted for an interview with the Headmaster prior to any offer of a place..

International Student Enquiries click here for more information


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