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Dining by Sodexo

Since September 2018, we have been providing students with a whole new dining experience from our catering provider Sodexo .

Catering Manager Sean Meagher can be contacted at:

Sample Menu Week 1 Spring 2019

Sample Menu Week 2 Spring 2019

Sample Menu Week 3 Spring 2019

Teenage Nutrition Guide

Fresh food from scratch: Sodexo's ethos & commitment

Sodexo has worked in partnership with many fee-charging schools in Ireland for more than 50 years, providing best-in-class catering to boys and girls every day.

Our specialist team is dedicated to delivering catering and a range of other services to clients in the private and fee-charging school market.

We believe that delivering healthy nutritious food every day is of paramount importance. We take our responsibility to help the students make healthy choices seriously. We offer nutritionally balanced menus that promote healthy options and educate young people on the importance of eating a balanced diet.

Sodexo's "Fresh Food from Scratch" ethos is the backbone of our approach to healthy eating – all dishes are freshly prepared from scratch using the freshest, most seasonal, ingredients, bought from sustainable accredited sources.

We have included a sample menu cycle. You will also be able to access our weekly menu cycle via a link on the KH website.

By using the freshest ingredients, professionally cooked and presented, it:
• Provides the fuel that students need to learn
• Ensures that young people have the nutrition they need to maintain their active lives and grow
• Provides the environment & the food they need to feel at home

Specialist nutritionists and dieticians have educated Sodexo's teams in healthy methods of preparing, cooking and serving food.
For example, they will:

• Use fruit sugars and honey as sweeteners, where practical
• Use rapeseed oil if frying is required
• Include vegetables to improve the nutritional content
• Serve fish to provide Omega 3 to support growth and mental wellbeing
• Promote the use of semi-skimmed and soy milk
• Reduce the salt and fat content of dishes, while adding herbs and spices for extra flavour

The Fresh Foods from Scratch ethos is based on using only the best quality, locally sourced ingredients and is of the highest importance to the success of this unique school's food offering.

• 100% of meat and poultry are sourced in Ireland
• All suppliers are Bord Bia approved
• Fish and seafood are MSC accredited
• Sodexo is fully engaged with Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf) to ensure quality, seasonality and local sourcing



  • Sodexo Dining at The King's Hospital
  • Sodexo Dining at The King's Hospital
  • Sodexo Dining at The King's Hospital
  • Sodexo Dining at The King's Hospital