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History is an important core subject for the Junior Cycle. Pupils in Form 1 attend two classes per week, increasing to three in Forms 2 and 3. History is also studied as a core subject in the Transition Year.

In the Senior Cycle, History is offered as a choice, and the recent reform of the Leaving Certificate Programme to allow for a more source and document-based study of the subject, has increased its popularity. Those selecting History for Leaving Certificate attend five classes per week during Form 5 and 6.

20% of the Leaving Certificate examination is pre-submitted in the form of a Special Research Topic.

The History Department uses a variety of teaching methodology to ensure that the subject is both interesting and engaging. Every attempt is made to bring the subject ‘alive’ and so class excursions to view historical sites are organised regularly.

History Department

John Huggard BA (Mod) , HDipEd (TCD) Co-ordinator

Raymond McIIreavy, Med, BA (Mod), HDipEd (TCD)

Jerome Devitt, BA (Mod), HDipEd (TCD), Master of Arts in Military History (Norwich University), Vermont (USA)

Lorna McGinn, MA, BA (Hons), HDSCG (NUI)

Fionnuala Ballantyne, BA (Mod), HDipEd (TCD)

Amy McGinn, BA (Hons) (NUI)

  • King's Hospital History