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We offer modern and family-friendly boarding for around 300 boys and girls. The quality of boarding provision and care is excellent. Houses are warm, comfortable and well maintained.

Housemasters and Housemistresses share with their assistants, the duties and responsibilities of caring for the children, some of whom may be away from home for the first time.


Mercer House (Form 1, 3, & 5 Girls)

House Master/Mistress: Caroline Brady Assistant: Rebecca Gunn Prefect: Emily Kenny  & Noa Joulin

Grace House ( Form 2, 4 & 5 Girls)

House Master/Mistress: Rachelle Van Zyl Assistant: Sarah Bill Prefect: Lydia Boyd & Maile Wedgwood

Ormonde House (Form 1, 3, & 5 Boys)

House Master/Mistress: Niall Mahon Assistant: Jermone Devitt Prefect: Tom Cole, Edward Mahood & Cathal Mullen

Morgan House (Form 2,4 & 5 Boys) 


House Master/Mistress: Cormac UaBruadair Assistant: Paul O'Donoghue Prefect: Fionn O’Loughlin, Fred Davis & Ross Joyce

Bluecoat House (Form 6 Boys)

House Master/Mistress: Raymond Mcllreavy  Assistant: Amy McGinn 

Bluecoat House (Form 6 Girls)

House Master/Mistress: Amy Fitzgerald Assistant: Amy McGinn 


Ivory House (Form 1 Boys)

House Master/Mistress: David Plummer Prefect: Luke Fitzpatrick 

Ivory House (Form 1 Girls)

House Master/Mistress: Denise Farrelly Prefect: Kate O’Malley

Blackhall House (Form 2)

House Master/Mistress: Elizabeth Peoples Assistant: Oliver Malone Prefect: Niall Henry Prefect: Louise Watson

Swift House (Form 3)

House Master/Mistress: Alison Gill Assistant: Annabel Browne Prefect: Ross Leitch Prefect: Kemka Abuchi-Ogbonda

Desmond House (Form 4)

House Master/Mistress: Dean Maguire Assistant: Orla Cummins Prefect: David Kirwan Prefect: Orla Williams

Stuart House (Form 5)

House Master/Mistress: Noel Cunningham  Assistant: Emma Ryan Prefect: Kiran Ravi Prefect: Sophie Thompson

Bluecoat House (Form 6)

House Master/Mistress:Yvonne Duggan Assistant:Jean Atkinson


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