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LGBT+ Week

Mon 15th Jan 2018

Coming up in the second week of January, 15th – 19th 2018, is The King’s Hospital’s  first ever LGBT+ Week. This week will focus on making our school a more welcoming, open and inclusive place by educating people about LGBT+ issues and empowering students to stand up to homophobic and transphobic bullying. Throughout the week, there will be lots of enjoyable competitions, guest speakers, and fun events to take part in.

Student and Staff Youtube intro video,  LGBT+ Week calendar here.

Some of the events to look forward to:

·        Guest speakers: Lisa Jacobs, Sarah Scales, Justin McAleese, Michael Begley & David Norris

·        Poster competition

·        T.Y. ShoutOut Workshops

·        Various debates & talks held at lunchtimes in the Library throughout the week.

·        Film night featuring an LGBT+ movie

·        Rainbow photo*

*Any student who wants to take part in the Rainbow non-uniform day and photo needs to find a top in their form’s allocated colour.

·         Form 1 – Purple

·         Form 2 – Blue

·         Form 3 – Green

·         Form 4 – Yellow

·         Form 5 – Orange

·         Form 6 – Red

Teacher Emma O'Regan

  • The King's Hospital LGBT+ Week 2018 Guest Speaker David Norris
  • The King's Hospital LGBT+ Week 2018