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Soccer is played as one of the major sports by boys in the summer term. First and second years experience the game through the medium of their specially organised team event -'Croker-athletics', which involves the playing of cricket, soccer and athletics two days a week, moving from sports to sport each day. It brings about active partcipation by all boys in the two junior years. Girls also play soccer internally and some matches against other schools.

In the more senior years, soccer is played both internally and also against teams from other schools. They do not compete in the Leinster Leagues or cups, but just play friendlies.

A most popular innovation is the 'after-tea' 7 - a - side competition for senior boys, which generates great competition, not least because of the presence of a staff team - 'The Hawks'.

  • Croker-Athletics
  • Senior soccer
  • Junior soccer
  • 'After-tea' soccer

Head of Soccer: Derek Tucker

  • King's Hospital Soccer