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Theatre Trip and Workshop

Northern Star’ by Stewart Parker

Produced by Rough Magic Theatre Company.


29 students and 3 teachers attended Rough Magic’s production of ‘Northern Star’ by Stewart Parker on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

As their drama teacher I gave them only a little detail about the play as I wanted them to experience the production as theatre goers as opposed to studying it. They wholeheartedly enjoyed the experience. The varying styles the play is presented in, the acting ability of the ensemble and the pace at which the story is told, meant they were fully engaged throughout. For our entire journey home they were full of opinions, questions and suppositions – both about the narrative and the modes of presentation.

Lynne Parker, Creative Director of Rough Magic, kindly agreed to come to the school to speak about the play and about life in the theatre the following week. Lynne shared with the students a comprehensive insight into the background and historical context of the play and its playwright; the styles of the writers employed in the telling of the story; the directorial choices made in pre-production and rehearsal and her personal journey with the play to date. The students asked Lynne numerous questions about the play, the working of Rough Magic, training and careers in theatre.

This post-play interaction was invaluable in strengthening the students’ understanding of the play and deepening their relationship with theatre in general. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students, one which I hope, will be repeated in the future.