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Sports, Performing Arts, Clubs & Enrichment

Click here to view the Online Extra-Curricular Schedule for January 2021

SPACE at The King's Hospital School is built on the foundation that learning outside the classroom is just as important as learning within.

Our Sports department, led by Mr Derek Maybury, and our Performing Arts department, led by Ms Kerrie O’Reilly, together provide SPACE, an extraordinary programme offering our students a choice of sports, performance, arts and enrichment activities. SPACE seeks to enhance the positive emotional and educational effects of participating in physical activity, artistic and cultural pursuits through positive engagement both within the school and the wider community. Through a structured framework and broad range of sports and activities, SPACE at The King's Hospital School nurtures a whole-school experience, ensuring whole-school involvement by providing a programme of breadth, depth and quality from recreation through to performance. Representative of our school values, SPACE celebrates individual differences, encourages creativity and builds confidence in self-expression. It is our belief that the broad selection of activities offered will promote character development, improve wellbeing and enjoyment of school life whilst forming the bedrock for a lifelong passion, or indeed career, in Sports or the Arts. 

Sign-up and participation for SPACE is managed through an online platform, SOCS Co-Curricular, which allows parents and students to view the wide range of Sports, Performing Arts and Clubs available and sign up for their preferred activties. SOCS then provides students and parents with an easily accessible schedule of co-curricular and extra-curricular activties whilst allowing staff monitor participation and ensure students honour their commitments. SOCS Co-Curricular for The King's Hospital School can be accessed here and we have created a "How-To" Video to explain the process for signing up and logging in to select activities and review your personalised SPACE schedule. 

Please view the current SPACE Schedule to see the wide range of extra-curricular activities available to students this term. Once you have chosen your preferred activities, you can sign up to them on SOCS Co-Curricular. 

SPACE Performing Arts students who wish to apply for Speech & Drama and/or Musical Instruments, Singing or Music Theory lessons can do so using the following forms:

SPACE Clubs & Enrichment students who wish to apply for Pottery or Cooking can do so using the following forms:

We have developed a participation policy and framework which details the SPACE attendance expectations and participation requirements for each year group. To ensure students get the most out of their whole-school experience, we encourage regular physical activity and participation in a minimum number of extra- or co-curricular activites throughout their time at The King's Hospital School.