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Derek Maybury appointed Director of Sport Sep 2019

Director of Sport Appointment Announcement Sep 2019.pdf

'Inspiring a love of sport that gives every young person in our care the chance to find and follow their passion and to excel not just individually, but as part of a team.'

Our sports vision is to become renowned in our community as the school where every student has their sporting needs met, where their potential is maximised and where they develop into students of character.

The most important part of that vision statement is the concept of every student. Our sports programme cares just as much about the students who play for our B and C teams, as about our ambitious athletes. It is so important to us that we inspire a love of sport that gives every young person in our care the foundation of a healthy, active lifestyle for life. The success of our approach is measured in the enthusiasm of our students and in the numbers who sign up for our programmes year-on-year, and who continue to participate in sport and physical activity for life.

We believe that a positive experience of physical activity is key to wellbeing. Physical activity develops not just the body, but the mind and spirit too. It increases self-esteem and reduces stress and anxiety. It helps young people to connect and communicate. It teaches crucial values such as perseverance and loyalty. And the students build skills such as goal-setting and resilience and accountability that can be transferred to the classroom, and to life.

We offer the most diverse sports programme in Ireland with each sport expected to compete at the highest level. In order to achieve that, we employ a talented team of coaches who are actively encouraged to excel in their field with continuous training and development.

  • Head of Athletics - Matt Jarvis
  • Head of Badminton - Judith Wilson
  • Head of Basketball - Ciaran O’Connor
  • Head of Cricket - Dave Plummer
  • Head of Hockey - Mick McKinnon
  • Head of Rowing - Rob Forde
  • Head of Rugby - Matt Jarvis
  • Head of Tennis - Emma Ryan
  • Polocrosse - Teacher in charge: Susan Tanner          
  • Yoga - Teacher in charge: Susan Leahy

Sports App SOCS

 SOCS is used to communicate all sports and extracurricular activities to parents and our community. All parents receive a log in so they can access their children’s specific calendars, and even sync those calendars to their devices if they so choose. Our sports website is the one-stop shop for all fixtures, results, photos and team sheets. The link is here:

We also have a wider school calendar which gives the overall picture of everything from a co-curricular and extracurricular perspective here:

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