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The Annual Sports Awards Evening 2015

Sun 18th Oct 2015

The 10th Annual Sports Awards Evening took place on Thursday 1st October 2015. The event was held in the Wilson Wright Hall beginning at 7.30pm. The awards were by presented by the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Ken Peare. The Hall of Fame recipient was Mr Angus Dunlop, a former international cricketer and Guest speaker for the night was Mr Dan van Zyl, former South African rugby international and the present Leinster Branch Coach Development Officer. Mr John Rafter, the acting headmaster, replied to Mr van Zyl, and both Mr John Aiken and the prefects assisted with the presentation of awards. Mr John Huggard, Assistant- Head with responsibility for Extra-curricular matters, compared the evening. Awards were presented to pupils for the individual and team achievements over the previous year, including the sports of Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Tennis and other miscellaneous sporting activities, both inside and outside the school. A full list of the awards is published with this article. The scale and range of the achievements is a testimony to not just the talent and skill of the pupils, but also to their commitment and enthusiasm. It was a most enjoyable and extremely well supported evening by the parents, guardians and friends of the awards winners. Space in the Wilson Wright was at a premium ! The blue ribbon awards of the evening went to Rolus Olusa (Hall Cooper Cup for Sportsmanship) and Sophie Edghill (Whiteside Trophy for Sportsmanship) for their respective outstanding sporting achievements and their very positive example to others and their marked contribution to the sporting life of The King’s Hospital.

  • The Annual Sports Awards Evening 2015