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Application Process

KH Admissions Policy Sep 1st 2020 signed.pdf

This Admission Policy complies with the requirements of the Education Act 1998, the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 and the Equal Status Act 2000. It came into effect on February 1st, 2020 and after a consultation process was approved by the patron on June 8th, 2020. As required by the Education Act, an accompanying Admissions Notice will appear on the school website by September 1st of each year, until further notice. An aim of the new Admissions policy is to phase out pre-existing waiting lists in the admissions selection process. Registration forms received before February 1st, 2020 for enrolment years 2026 to 2031 will be returned and applicants invited to apply when they are in 6th class. Registration forms received after February 1st, 2020 for any enrolment year must also be returned.

New applications may now only take place in the October Application Window (OAW) 1 year prior to enrolment for day places and up to 2 years prior to enrolment for boarding places. Our OAW for Form 1 2021 ended on October 22nd, 2020. You may still submit an enrolment form for Form 1 up to the first day of the 2021 school term, but you will be considered a late applicant and not benefit from any of the selection criteria on the infogram below. If you wish to consider 5 or 7 day boarding as an option instead of Day, there is a separate waiting list and form, so please fill that out instead.

Annual Admissions Notice Sep 2 2020_1.pdf



Scroll down for mid-stream (forms 2-5) and international student forms.

Places will be offered each year for Form 1 in the November preceding the enrolment year (6th class) for day and boarding students. Places are offered according to a Selection Criteria 1-7, and the Category of Application; A, B or C.

Category A – Original Waiting List

  • Applications received prior to February 1st, 2020 (for enrolment up to 2025)
  • Selected by date of application within each selection criteria.

Category B – October Application Window (OAW)

  • Applications received in the October Application Window (OAW) 1 year prior to enrolment for day places, up to 2 years prior for boarding places.
  • Selected by lottery for places remaining within each selection criteria.

Category C – Late Applications

  • Late Applications received after the OAW
  • Selected by date of application only, and after each applicant in Category A or B has been offered a place.



Download hi-res version of the Infogram here

Form 1 Applicants - Expression of Interest

​Please fill out the form below if you wish to be contacted by the school with details of Infomation Sessions, Application Date Reminders and School Updates. 

A child must be 12 years old by the time they are to begin Form 1.


Q. My child has been on the day waiting list since 2012 for a place in 2021. My partner and I are practicing members of the Church of Ireland. When will my child be offered a place?

A. Places for 2021 will be offered beginning in November 2020 – two weeks after the October Application Window has closed. You are in Selection Criteria 1a Category A so provided the number of applicants in that Selection Criteria and Category does not exceed the number of day places available, you will be offered a place in the first round of offers.

Example 2:

Q. I never got around to putting my child’s name down and want to apply for 2021. How do I go about doing that? My partner and I are both practicing members of a Reformed church. What are our chances of getting a place for our child?

A. You can fill out an expression of interest form (no fee) online now so we can notify you when the admissions notice appears on the website, date of Open Day, and when the October Application Window (OAW) begins. You are in Section Criteria (SC) 1b Category B and will only be offered a place after all applicants in SC 1a Category A, SC 1a, Category B and SC 1b Category A have been offered a place. If there are more applicants than places in your category then the applicants are selected by lottery. If you are unsuccessful you will remain in your category and the lottery will continue for any places that become available.

Example 3:

Q. I have my son’s name on the waiting list since he was born but do not qualify in any of the Selection Criteria 1-5. I am a practising Muslim. Where do we stand for 2021?

A. The Selection Criteria (SC) in our new Admissions Policy remains the same as before. First round offers usually encompass all the applicants in SC 1-5.  Whatever places are not accepted in the 1st round are then offered to applicants in SC 6 according to their date of application. As you have applied when your son was an infant you have a very good chance of being offered a place but it all depends on many applicants in Category A & B are in SC 1-5.

Example 4:

Q. My dad was a past pupil of KH and my daughter is on the waiting list for 2021 since 2018. Will we be in the 1st round of offers?

A. Your daughter is in SC 5 so it depends on how many places are filled from SC 1-4 Category A & B before you will be offered a place. Traditionally SC 1-5 have been offered places in the 1st round but we now have to take into account that SC5 may not be used for more than 25% of the total day places offered. If the number of SC5 applicants exceeds 25% then the balance of applicants will fall under SC6a.

Example 5:

Q. My older son left the school last year and I just realised I never put his sister’s name down for 2021. Do we automatically get a place if I send in the application form now?

A. You cannot apply for your daughter until the October Application Window (OAW) opens up. She will be placed in SC4 Category B. If there are more applicants than places in your category for Round 1 of offers then the applicants are selected by lottery. If you are unsuccessful in Round 1 you will remain in your category and the lottery will continue for any places that become available.

Example 6:

Q. I would like to apply for my son to be a boarder in 2022. I belong to a reformed church and my partner is Roman Catholic. When can I apply?

A. Boarder applicants can apply beginning in the October 2 years prior to enrolment. Your son will be placed in SC2b Category B and offers will be made in the November prior to the year of enrolment. There is a separate allocation of boarding places for each enrolment year so the number of places will not be impacted by the day waiting list.

Example 7:

Q. Today’s date is January 12th, 2021, I have just moved into area and would like my daughter to enrol at KH for Form 1 2021. My partner is Church of Ireland and I am a Roman Catholic Past Pupil. How do I apply and when will I know if I have a place?

A. You can fill out a registration form and be placed on the waiting list for Category C, but you will not be entered into any SC as you are a late applicant. If any places become available, they will be offered to late applicants by date of application only, if all other applicants in SC 1-6 Categories A & B have been offered a place. You will be notified after two weeks of receiving your application if you are successful or not. If not you will remain on the waiting list.

Example 8:

Q. I applied in 2019 for my son for 2025 and my daughter for 2026. Where do I stand now? I don't meet any of the selection criteria except for time on the waiting list.

A. Your son's application will be retained and he will remain on the waiting list as before in SC 6a, Category A. Your daughter's application will be returned. If your son is offered and accepts a place for 2025, then your daughter's status changes to 'sibling' and when you reapply for her in the 2025 October Application Window she will be placed in SC 4, Category B.

Mid-stream applicants

We operate a waiting list system for mid-stream students. You must fill out a registration form, email a copy of the child's birth certificate and pay a registration fee of €75 to enrol your child. Please fill out the following registration form that applies to your applicaitons. Please contact the Admissions Department for more information on the application procedure.

Mid-Stream DAY Registration Form for entry to forms 2-5

Mid-Stream BOARDING Registration Form for entry to forms 2-5

If a place becomes available, you will be contacted for an interview with the headmaster prior to any offer of a place. 

International Student Enquiries

International Student Registration Form for all families not resident in Ireland Forms 1-5