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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors was established under the school's Royal Charter. It is our patron body and the governors act as trustees to maintain our founding ethos.

The board determines the school's admissions policy, the maximum number of pupils, the ratio of boarders to day pupils and the greater balance.

It also appoints our principal, chaplain and head of finance and operations. It is responsible for capital expenditure and has a finance committee to establish the annual budget.

The governors elect representatives to our Board of Management, and the chairman of the Board of Governors is also chairman of the Board of Management.

Chairman of the Board

  • Mr Angus Potterton

Deputy Chairs

  • Mr Ken Peare

Board of Governors

  • Mr Richard Tyrrell
  • Mrs Rosemary Hill
  • Mrs Jackie Greene
  • Mrs Inez Cooper
  • Ms Ruth Handy
  • Mr Simon Dick
  • Dr Rebecca Johnston
  • Mr James Somerville
  • Mr Michael de Las Casas
  • Mr Jonathan Moore
  • Mr Willie Maxwell
  • Mr Roger McGreal
  • The Most Reverend Dr Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin
  • The Most Reverend John McDowell, Archbishop of Armagh
  • The Most Reverend Patricia Storey, Bishop of Meath & Kildare
  • Ms Bevin Cody
  • Ms Susan Baird
  • Mr Neil Squires
  • Dr Patricia Orr
  • Ms Joyce Kavanagh
  • Mr David Jermyn
  • Angus Potterton Chairman of the Board of Governors The King's Hospital School 2019