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Careers Form 6 2020/21

Dates subject to change so please check back here regularly or with CG Team directly

The Careers Team

Video from Susan Tanner going over the next steps for students and parents in the next few months.

Video from Lorna McGinn with some CAO tips and reminders.

Useful Links & Correspondence Log


  • Dec 1st - UCAS Deadline for forms to be emailed by Career Guidance Team
  • Dec 4th - Exam Focused Study and Revision Skills Seminar
  • Dec 16th - CAO Rough Choices form to be returned to CG Team


  • Jan 8th & 9th - All CAO applications processed online. Each student will do this in the Computer Room. The CG Team will publish a Rota for sending them by email.
  • Jan 17th - Deadline for applications in Art & Design Route A


  • Feb 1st - Deadline for applications to be received by CAO.
  • Feb - Replies and offers from UK Colleges. Visits to UK for candidates. Decisions to be made on final two choices for UK Colleges - discuss with CG Team
  • Mar 24th - Deadline for applications for courses in Art & Design - Route B.


  • Discuss any CAO changes with CG Team. 
  • July 1st - Final order of choices lodged with CAO.

Email with any questions or to make an appointment with the team.

Higher Options 2020

Higher Options is online this year. On the days of the live event (November 4th and 5th from 1pm to 6pm) each student with a ticket can log in from any device at home or at school. We have organised the event in this way so that every student can access the event no matter what the restrictions may be at that time.

Representatives from the CAO, universities, colleges, further education institutions and educational bodies will be available in the virtual exhibition hall to speak with the students via group chat. This is not a group activity and we are recommending that students time to participate individually during class hours. 

Furthermore, talk sessions take place throughout the two days of Higher Options. A fully downloadable timetable of talks will appear on the Higher Options site and Event Landing Page.

Students are encouraged to consult the timetable in their preparations for the event. As you know, each student will have their own interests and can choose to attend the wide range of talks accordingly. Again, we encourage schools to allocate students time to individually attend these talks in class or at home as there is a live Q&A element moderated by Irish Times Journalists.

Finally, what is especially notable about Higher Options this year is that all talks and exhibitor material will be available on demand for 30 days after the event is over. Only ticket holders will be able to access the platform post-event. This will allow students to review the extensive material either in class with Guidance Counsellors or alternatively at home. And particularly to review the information they have gathered in their individual virtual backpack.

We hope this information is helpful. Further information is available at or Or you can email

Information slides are attached that may help to outline the activity with students. Higher Options 2020 Schools Info.pptx