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Christian Unity Week

Sun 21st Jan 2018

'As part of the annual Christian Unity week celebrations, Clongowes was delighted to take part in a bilateral celebration of the Christian faith with The King’s Hospital, Palmerstown on Sunday, January 21st. Students from King’s Hospital arrived in Clongowes for tea and coffee at around 10.30, accompanied by Head of Pastoral Care, Mr. John Aiken, Deputy Head, Mr Cormac UaBuadair, Deputy Headmistress, Ms Louise Marshall and the Reverend Peter Campion.

After light refreshments, Poetry boys, Brian Gallagher, John Maher, Conor Martin Hugo O’Donnell and Mark O’Loan accompanied the King’s Hospital students to Sunday Eucharist, where we celebrated the similarities between the two Christian traditions and highlighted the need for unity. Reverend Campion delivered a homily, while Justin from King’s Hospital did a reading and his classmate Sinead sang the psalm. After Mass both groups of students had lunch together in the refectory before commencing a tour of the college grounds and facilities.

In the evening, students from Clongowes travelled to King’s Hospital for Evening Service accompanied by Fr Barney McGuckian SJ, Mr Cyril Murphy and Ms Anne Marie Dolan. This is always a beautiful occasion and one in which there is a lot of effort given to making us feel welcome. Reverend Campion reinforced the same ideals of celebrating the similarities between the traditions and highlighting the need for unity. As ever, we were well looked after with tea and sandwiches and are again grateful to The King’s Hospital for their solidarity, compassion and generosity to our school with their time and effort on these occasions.'

Thank you to Clongowes for this lovely review of the day.

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