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CSPE is Civic, Social and Political Education, a required course in citizenship education for Junior Cycle stiudents (12-14 year olds) in Irish second level schools.

It aims to prepare students to become active citizens who can participate in society in a meaningful way. The basic human rights of a citizen are explored in this course. However, all rights carry responsibilities to other people and the environment in which we live. Students are made aware of these responsibilities.

CSPE is concerned with issues at a personal level (how am I affected as an individual), at local level (how is my community affected), at national level (my country) and at a global level (the world in which we live).

In The King's Hospital, pupils attend one class per week in Forms 1, 2 and 3 in preparation for the Junior Certificate examination. The programme is activity based, with students needing to do Action Projects as part of the national assessment

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