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DCU Gifted Programme qualifiers

Sat 27th Apr 2019

Congratulations to our Form 1 students who received top marks in the SCAT in order to qualify for the CTYI Talent Search for Secondary School Students, a programme for Gifted Students in Ireland. They received their awards in a cermony in DCU. The students were:

  • Ava Winston
  • Daniel Borton
  • Mia Bradvica
  • Zoe Bolton
  • Lucie Glynn
  • Anna Doyle
  • Fergal O'Dwyer
  • Nicky Doherty

It is a great achievement for these students and we look forward to hearing what exciting summer courses or TY early-university course they choose over the coming years.

Gifted and Talented

Students that have been identified as academically gifted and talented are supported and challenged within the school with allocated resources. Form 1 students that have attained an exceptional grade in their entrance exam will be notified and invited to sit the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland's Entrance Exam currently the SCAT, which on passing entitles them to attend the CTYI Summer Courses and Correspondence Courses.