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Design and Communication Graphics

Before September 2007, students in the Senior Cycle studied Technical Drawing (T.D.). It is now known as Design & Communication Graphics (D.C.G.). This subject follows a naturally progression from Technical Graphics and students should ideally have covered that course. D.C.G. endeavours to develop skills in the areas of graphicacy / graphical communication, creative problem solving, spatial abilities / visualization, design capabilities, computer graphics and CAD modelling. Students attend five periods a week during Form 5 and 6 as well as having a module during their transition programme. Class sizes during the senior cycle are normally between 12 – 16.

Their final Leaving Certificate assessment comprises of two key components:

Firstly, a student assignment (40% of the examination marks), of which CAD will form a significant and compulsory component. This project is undertaken during their final year of studies and is normally completed by mid January - prior to their mock examinations.

Secondly, a terminal 3 hour examination paper (60% of the examination marks) takes place at the end of 6th year.

Design and Communications Graphics Department 

Paddy O’Shea, B.Tech.Ed. (WBT) Co-ordinator

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