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European Studies Round Up

Sat 27th Apr 2019

Congratulations to teacher Viki Malcolm and her European Studies students for continuing success in their European Studies programme. This is an amazing example of what going beyond the classroom can teach our students. 

Global Passport Award

They recently received the Diplomatic Passport Award for the school's established engagement with Global Citizenship Engagment (GCE). THis is the second award of three and they will now be working towards the Special Passport Award.


The Global Passport Award is an EU recognised quality mark, which offers schools a framework to integrate Global Citizenship Education into their teaching and learning. It is a self-assessed and externally-audited accreditation and it is open to all post-primary schools in Ireland. Students Alette Schilling and teacher Rachel Tyner are pictured here at the Award Ceremony. Also in attendance were Eoin Kirwan, August Spreitzer, Phoebe Nicholson.

media photos.jpg

European Parliament Ambassador School Programme April 16th

In 2016, we were among the first 25 schools in Ireland to be awarded the status of European Parliament Ambassador School. Transition Year students follow a specific programme which encourages them to play an active part in the European Union, becoming global citizens.

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Dublin provides support for students following the programme and ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers. 

In order to retain your annual membership status the students must organise and attend events held throughout the year:

EPAS Cert Junior Ambassadors giving April 2019.jpg

Model Council of the European Union

Organised by the European Commission representation in Ireland, the Model Council of the European Union is an annual debating competition held in Dublin Castle. Schools selected to take part are given the opportunity to represent an EU Member State and bring the agenda of their adoptive country to the Council. This year KH represented Belgium and the Belgan Ambasador, Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, to Ireland was very impressed and proud of our students. He is pictured here with the students and teacher, Viki Malcolm.

Belgian Ambassador.JPG

European Youth Parliament

Each year, the school sends a delegation of students to both the Dublin and Leinster Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament. From there, a number of our students have progressed to the National Session and we currently have 3 active EYP alumni. Alumni work at pan-european level, organising EYP conferences across Europe. Five students attended the National Session in Galway over the Easter break.

Junior Ambassadors Galway April 2019.jpg

This Time I'm Voting - eTwin project winners!

Congratulations to the students who won the competition for the best #thistimeimvoting' campaign, encouraging us all to use our vote in the upcoming European Elections.

This time im voting.JPG