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European Studies Roundup

Sat 2nd Nov 2019

The European Parliament Ambassador Programme is up and running with the new TY EU Studies class. This is our 4th year in the programme and, following on from the success of previous years, we are already working hard towards maintaining our EPAS status.

On October 14th we welcomed a group of 29 students and 3 teachers from Lycée Louis Pasteur in Besançon. They came to our school to experience a day in the life of an Irish student and the European Studies class were responsible for managing their visit and bringing them along to class.

French exchange.JPG

On October 18th Frances Fitzgerald MEP visited the EU Studies class and spoke to students about her role as a recently elected MEP. Students then had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how the European Parliament is treating issues that matter most to them such as climate breakdown.


From October 18th - 20th a delegation of 9 students from Forms 4 and 5 represented the school at the Dublin Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament. These students are hopeful of selection for the national finals to be held over Easter. This continues a long standing tradition of King's Hospital students taking part in EYP and achieving highly.

Youth Parliament 2019.JPG

I am also running two eTwinning projects this year; one through German with my TY German class where we are working with schools in the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey, and one through my EU Studies class where we are working with schools in Italy, Turkey and Croatia to develop action projects around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I will be part of the Irish delegation attending the annual eTwinning conference in Madelieu-La-Napoule from October 24th - 26th.

ETwinning 2019.JPG

Clare Daly

In October Clare Daly MEP visited the European Studies class. After telling us about her day to day life as an MEP the students were able to ask her questions directly related to national and EU policy. We had a discussion on a wide range of topics - from Ireland's neutrality and water charges to how to tax big polluters such as airlines.

Clare Daly Oct 2019.JPG


In November we entered the annual Euroscola competition which is run by the European Parliament in Ireland. The challenge was to create a one minute video clip highlighting initiatives to combat climate change. The European Studies class worked really hard as a team to make the video and it was a long two week wait after the deadline passed to hear whether we had won. On November 29th we got the great news that our entry had won the competition in the Dublin constituency. We will be travelling to Strasbourg in May 2020 to represent Ireland at Euroscola and we are so honoured to have this privilege. Link to the video here

European Studies Coordinator Viki Malcolm