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Form 6 Mock Interviews Evening

Tue 18th Oct 2016

The King’s Hospital Mock Interviews were held last night in the school to give our 6th form students interview experience before they enter the world of work.  The King’s Hospital Guidance Department, staff and students would like to express our gratitude to the Parents’ Association for organising this valuable service for our students.  The procedure was as follows:

  • The students prepared a CV with details of their chosen career, interests and hobbies
  • The students dressed as they would for an actual real interview
  • Each student was interviewed by two external experts in their particular field of career interest
  • They are asked questions by the interviewers regarding their knowledge of their chosen career path and particular attention was paid to their CV presentation
  • Interview duration – approximately 15-20 minutes
  • When the interview is over, the students receive immediate feedback – and are advised on where they  did well, where they needed to improve, and pointers that will help them improve in future interviews