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KH Hockey Coach impresses in the US

Tue 23rd Jan 2018

In the first week of January, Mick McKinnon (our Minor, Junior and Senior girls Hockey coach) was the keynote presenter at the US National Field Hockey Coaches Association conference. The National Field Hockey Coaches Association is the coaching body responsible for the development of hockey coaches from the NCAA (college) and High school systems in the USA. Over 500 coaches from all over the US attended, from High school coaches to coaches from the US National teams. As keynote speaker, Mick delivered his keynote presentation on "how to turn ideas into reality". The next day he delivered six pitch sessions on "developing games for understanding" which put a practical element to the keynote presentation and also on creating and executing 1 v 1 offense. Mick clearly did a great job at presenting too, as he has been asked to return next year and deliver again at the conference. The King's Hospital hockey programme is very privileged to be able to count Mick as one of our coaches, and being invited to present at this conference confirms Mick's reputation internationally. He is one of the best hockey minds in Ireland and our girls are improving significantly under his tutelage. Equally, our other coaches are learning from him too as he delivered his keynote presentation to our coaches at the monthly King's Hospital coaches breakfast in December. 

Dave Keelty - Director of Sport

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