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KH SCT win Rugby Rising

Fri 2nd Nov 2018

Our SCT participated in Rugby Rising over the October mid term. This is a new Rugby festival, and is the brain child of Tommy Bowe and Louis Ludik. There were six teams competing in the festival from around the country; Sullivan Upper & Royal School Armagh from Ulster; CBC Monkstown, St Mary's, Wesley and The King's Hospital from Leinster. Each team played three games over the week, and on the days off attending workshops on a variety of topics from Anti-Doping, Social Media safety, Mental health and Nutrition. 

On the field our boys had a great week, winning all three of their games. They had Sullivan Upper first, then CBC Monkstown second and Wesley to finish the week. They were the only team to go undefeated through the week, so were crowned the 2018 Rugby Rising champions. 

Check out our Twitter @kings_hospital and Facebook @thekingshospital feed to see it as it happened and some video and photos. There was great coverage from parents and coaches and shows the really positive side of Social Media, as everyone got behind the team.


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