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LGBT+ Week

Mon 15th Jan 2018

January 15-19th saw the inagural LGBT+ week take place at KH. The purpose of the week was to show students that KH is a welcoming and inclusive school by educating people about LGBT+ issues and empowering students to stand up to homophobic and transphobic bullying. Throughout the week, there were competitions, guest speakers, and fun events for students to take part in.

Student and Staff Youtube intro video,  LGBT+ Week calendar here.

Some of the events were:

  •      Guest speakers: Lisa Jacobs, Sarah Scales, Justin McAleese, Michael Begley & David Norris
  •      Poster competition
  •      T.Y. ShoutOut Workshops
  •      Various debates & talks held at lunchtimes in the Library throughout the week.
  •      Film night featuring an LGBT+ movie
  •      Rainbow photo - we were very proud to have our rainbow school photo included in The Irish Times 'photos of the week' gallery on Jan 20th


The week was organised by teachers Emma O'Regan & Rebecca Gunn and a students' LGBT+ committee



19 Jan 2017: Senator David Norris visited The King’s Hospital school today to address the students and raise a rainbow flag over the school, concluding the school’s first ever LGBT+ Week. Students and teachers came together from 15th – 19th January to learn about the rights and issues of the LGBT+ community through a series of workshops, films and music.

Senator Norris, whose Uncle was a past pupil of the school in 1909, spoke about his trajectory from being defined as a criminal to becoming a presidential candidate. ’40 years ago I would have been arrested if I had attempted to speak at the school on the subject of homosexuality’. His message to the students was ‘be the man or woman you want to be’

The King’s Hospital’s LGBT+ Committee, made up of both teachers and students, organised the educational week to create an understanding and awareness of LGBT+ within the school community. Students were also encouraged to stand up for their peers as they began to understand LGBT+ issues throughout the week, and in turn prevent homophobic and transphobic bullying. Rainbow stickers with the word ‘Ally’ were given to students and staff to wear for the week.

Events held throughout the week included a SpeakOut workshop with Transition Year students, lunchtime activities, and daily music performances in the school’s chapel. Senator Norris is expected to be the first of many LGBT+ Advocates to visit The King’s Hospital, as the first LGBT+ committee in the school’s 349-year history hopes to invite even more past pupils and sports stars to promote LGBT+ issues in the school,  beyond this week of awareness.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Carlos O’Brien, student and first President of the school’s LGBT+ Committee, said:

                “The aim of LGBT+ Week is to show that being LGBT+ is absolutely acceptable and to make the school a welcoming and warm environment. It’s about the school being inclusive, accepting and most importantly celebrating diversity. Having students at our school who are LGBT+ or straight, different colours and different religions is what makes this school wonderful and unique. I want everyone to know that it’s perfectly okay to be yourself in this school.”

  • The King's Hospital LGBT+ Week 2018 Guest Speaker David Norris
  • The King's Hospital LGBT+ Week 2018 Guest Speaker David Norris
  • The King's Hospital LGBT+ Week 2018