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Maths Week Event in Spanish

Wed 18th Oct 2017

Not satisfied with just celebrating Maths Week 2017, The King's Hospital is doing it in Spanish! We are delighted to host both Fernando Blasco (whom we have brought our students to see in the Instituto Cervantes twice previously) and also a travelling interactive exhibition from the Mathematics Museum of Cataluña (MMACA).

Check out some videos from the day here & here.

Fernando Blasco will perform two shows for our senior students, one from 11-12 and one from 12-13.00.

Guido Ramellini will be hosting the exhibition from classroom, B2. 

A small group of interested students from our Form 4 groups will attend this first, and then the full group of Form 4 students of Spanish will see the show by Fernando. Forms 5&6 will attend the first show and then a small group of the most interested students will go to the exhibition. Fernando will perform mostly in Spanish, though he also speaks English for those students who have trouble following everything. 

Susan Leahy - 

  • Maths Week Ireland 2017 at The King's Hospital
  • Maths Week Ireland 2017 at The King's Hospital Rafael Blasco
  • Fernando Blasco Mathemagician The King's Hospital Oct 18th 2017
  • Maths Week Ireland 2017 at The King's Hospital