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SciFest STEM Award

Thu 21st Feb 2019

Science Department win SciFest STEM School Award

Congratulations to organiser Ciaran OConnor and all the teachers in the Science Department on winning this prestigious award!

What is the SciFest STEM School Award

SciFest is delighted to announce the introduction of a ‘SciFest STEM School Award’. This award recognises the support and commitment of school principals, teachers and leadership teams in second-level schools who, in collaboration with SciFest, have implemented the SciFest@School STEM fair programme.

The ‘SciFest STEM School Award’ sets a standard for all second-level schools in Ireland to achieve best practice and to empower young people to recognise the value of STEM in their everyday lives and future career choices.

The aim of the award is to raise awareness of STEM education in schools and to encourage students through participation in SciFest to build on their 21st century skills of communication, presentation, collaboration and creativity and to engage in self-directed inquiry-based learning.

General Requirements

To qualify for the award a school must be registered with SciFest and have hosted five SciFest@School STEM fairs. External judges should be employed and the fairs must operate under the SciFest Guidelines. Students and teachers must be aware of these guidelines before they begin projects.


  • Scifest STEM Award Badge The King's Hospital School