b'8STUDENT COUNCIL REPORTBY STUDENT EMMA KERRThe new student council was formed in February after the annual elections and began working towards our goals immediately. It was clear from the beginning that we had a very passionate and committed group of diverse people who each brought something special to our team. Our first meeting showed the wide array of ideas and opinions each member had and how strongly they felt about the issues affecting, not only their own year, but the whole school body. Unfortunately, however, on the 12th of March we were met with the obstacle of the school closing- for what would end up being the rest of the school year.We knew we had to push through this bump in the road in order to carry on doing our job and voicing student concerns in a time where this communication proved difficult for many. With the consistency and commitment of every member, and the support of Ms Hanlon,We brought forth ideas to allow equal opportunitiestime to relieve any unnecessary stress that students felt Mr Hickey and Mr Ronan wefor each student in this time, to provide support toas well as to try to gain clarity on the future of our school managed to meet weekly overthose struggling and to allow for the choice to continuelives in the next school year. We are extremely grateful to Zoom and make the bestbuilding on and testing our knowledge throughout thethe rest of the students for keeping in contact with us to we could out of a badexams.I think all of the members on the committeebring attention to the issues they were facing. situation.can agree that we achieved a huge amount during this'