b'101Minor AThe Minors attacking style of play was mirrored withThe boys got themselves into great positions in The Minor A Boys had a very productive year,an extremely well-rounded back line.games but now teams were working extra hard to only losing 1 game during the whole season. ThisIt helped when the team had poached David de Geabeat them. Some of these games were on a knife is a tremendous statistic for a team of their age.from Manchester United aka Michael O Leary who isedge which called for a different approach. Olympian Peter Caruth and Adam Clayton brought aone of Leinster and Irelands best upcoming keepersUp step Morgan Crooks and Matthew Love.new focus for a team that had been crowned Leinsterstopping some worldies to keep his side in games.Morgans eagerness to get on the pitch and score Champions in their first year of the school.The backline consisted of some big hitters in thewas welcomed in many a tough game and the taller With teams gunning to beat the Minor boys, everyway of Keanooo aka Cian Bhal Valle, who can onlyMichael Owen lookalike scored some of our much-game was going to be a battle. The best of thesebe described as a modern-day Roy Keane. Mix thisneeded goals. Then we have his strike partner and came against Wesley - away. The boys went down 1-0with the best tackler, Harry Kim, nothing was gettingjoker of the pack Matthew who scored several key in the first minute, only to reply 1 minute later with apast. Onto two other key members in the backlinegoals this season including a hat trick, pushed our rocket from Tim Ryan. Tim is a big hurler but bringsJamie Payne and Hugo Hesnan. Even though theygoal tally up. his unorthodox play style to the team, scoring over 8are the jokers of the team they are probably the twoHowever, most praise needs to go to our Minor A goals this season. Forgetting shin guards is his bestsmartest. With Hugos diving slides and Jamies silkycaptain Jake Quinn. Not only was he first out and last quality though! The game ebbed and flowed and athands mixed with his awful coloured shoes theyin from every session, his ability as a forward to score half-time the boys were 2-1 down. Mr Caruths battlesummed up why the team had the least amount ofmuch needed goal and lead his team was a brilliant cry was needed at half time. However, the team onlygoals scored against. sight. He commanded and earned the respect from got half of what was said due to his Northern accent.Some brilliant results and wins against St Andrewsthe team, helping the coaching staff when needed, This led a charge from our vice-captain, and surelyand St Columbas followed. The boys trained harderand therefore this Minor A side if they keep pushing future Irish International Andrew Crowe and Phillipworking on their short corners both attack andwill become one the best teams KH has to offer. Cole who took the game to Wesley. It looked likedefence with now added help of Jane Salter andSpecial mention to all the first-year boys who got an old Andy Cole/Dwight York partnership, turningSean Butler. The boys upped their play and took it totheir debuts throughout the season. The progression the Wesley defence inside out, most noticeably Philopponents like a team possessed. Most noticeablyis brilliant to see within the hockey club at KH.down the right displaying some frightening turn ofAlex Derrien and James Sugrue who impressedPeter Caruthfoot mixed with accurate passes for Andrew to finish.mid-season lifting the team to new heights. Alexs First Year captain Scott Kenny made his second- on ball ability is Lionel Messi like, and the number of year debut almost scoring in the process. With aankles he broke was incredible to watch. James was minute left on the clock the score was level at 2-2. Uptestament to the Minor Bs and showed that with stepped Ronan Munnelly, the smallest man on thehard work you can push to become a starter on the pitch but our biggest threat upfront. Ronan threw hisA team. His work rate is something Mo Farah would body at the ball putting his face on the line, to get abe proud of, never mind his cannon of a shot. Not to superb touch past the Wesley keeper and winningforget Luke Fogarty, one of the teams strongest and the game. quickest players. His ability to change a game with a Onwards the team marched unbeaten through tothrough ball or an interception shows how this group January and into both the League and Cup semi- of midfielders were key to our success.finals.'