b'103U13 B U13C and DThe B squad provided good back up for the A squadThe C and D squads were made up ofunder the watchful eye of coach Adrian Quinn. Afterplayers who were playing the game of hockeyour annual September blitzes, the boys took on afor the first time when they arrived in September.strong Taney side in their first League fixture in mid- Many of them were keen to learn the basic skillsNovember.Despite the best efforts of keeper Reubenand made good progress under a coaching team of Delaney Wilson, we were beaten 3-0.A muchMr Pomeroy, Adam Clayton, Adrian Quinn and Sean improved performance in our next outing saw usButler.There were over 60 boys playing hockey at narrowly defeated by Mt Temple 1-0.Sam ClementsU-13 level, and very few schools could match us for was captaining the team, with David Rice and Ryanthose numbers.Hence, the Cs and Ds struggled Lax marshalling the midfield, and Keith Johnson,to get as many games as they would have liked Peter Thompson and Daris Delaney filling the forwardthroughout the year.line.This upward progression continued as the BIt was a tough League campaign for the Cs as they team gained their first League points of the season,only won one of their five matches. The season a hard fought 0-0 away to Sutton Park. Defeats tokicked off with a heavy defeat away to old rivals St Sandford and Taney, were sandwiched by anotherColumbas.Despite the best efforts of Thomas Bruen, 0-0 draw in Headford, before the season was broughtPatrick Wang and Aaron Wilson, the Cs lost their to a premature halt in mid-March next two games against Wesley and St Andrews.Our The main purpose of the B squad is to play someproblem was scoring goals, and for the third game in competitive games, provide good support for the Aa row we drew a blank in a 4-0 defeat to Skerries.In squad, and enjoy their hockey, many of them playingmidfield, Cillian Kane, Kyle Stenson, Oisin and George the game for the first time on entering KH.The BHollinshead were creating chances, but the forwards squad were always enthusiastic about their hockeystruggled to convert.The Cs finally notched their and we look forward to progressing further nextfirst League point of the season in their final game, season.Angad Dhaliwal was a good example of aan exciting 2-2 draw at home to Headford (Scott player who started in the B squad in September,Reynolds and Oisin Byrne with the goals)but was soon playing A team hockey as the termThanks to Mr Pomeroy, Adam Clayton, Sean Butler progressed. and Adrian Quinn for their coaching expertise U13B Squad: Sam Clements(capt), Antonio Cascante, Davidthroughout the season.Rice, Daris Delaney, Liam King, Ayan Mirza, Keith Johnson,U13 C/D Squads: Thomas Bruen, Charlie Culleton, Roger Ryan Lax, Mirav Vaitha, Chris Nivil, Chetanjot Singh, PeterDoyle, Joshua Gargan, George Hollinshead, Cillian Kane, Thompson, David Obioha and Nathan Oladimeji (gk). Michael Gilbert, Scott Reynolds, Patrick Wang, Aaron Wilson, Daniel Adekunle, Demi Adeyemi, Oisin Byrne, Sean Fealy, Isaac Hassard, Jack Pringle, Fraser McDonald, Sarang Thayyil, Hasan Waseem, Tom Shaw, Kyle Stenson and Meshari Alsadoun.Derek Tucker'