b'116Other sportingand my coach improving me. I played Achievements: Sport at KH in such a great team and it was my Sinead Farrell, When I came to Ireland, I didnt knowpleasure to be part of it. who has been what it was like to do sport in school.I wish that we had school sports in selected to the I didnt know what to expect, will itGermany, because you get to try new Dublin U14 be better or worse? In Germany youand different sports. I think that is very Camogie squad. play sports after school in a club. Weimportant, because many people are Yemi Talabi,dont have school sport teams, whichtoo scared or too lazy to think about who was 1st in the I think is very sad. That means wedoing a sport, and I think sport is an U18 All Ireland dont have the support in matchesimportant part of education. Leinster or National9 players represented100m, or announcements in Chapel, whereRugby is a very unpopular sport in Representation their provinces inand represented everybody in the school wishes youGermany but very popular in Ireland, Vincent Uzomefuna,hockey Ireland in the relay luck. We do have PE as a subjectwhich was the main reason why I Selected for Leinster U15 at the European in Germany, where we get gradeswanted to start playing rugby. I was Georgia Dunlop,U20 championships as well. In PE we learn the rules ofscared at the beginning because three Basketball Academy Leinster U18 many different sports and need to domonths before I started playing rugby, Erin King,Isabella Dunlop,Rory Govan, exercises in the Topic. For me, sport inI broke my collarbone. I knew nearly Leinster U18 Rugby Leinster U18 who has enjoyed KH was a very important part of eachnothing about rugby except that it Beth Gardiner,James Maginnis,success in sports as day: when school was over I either hadis a contact sport. Very scary, in my Selected for LeinsterLeinster U18 wide ranging as training or a match.opinion. I liked playing rugby outsideSchools Interpro Matthew Sweetnam,Golf, hockey and When choosing my school, it was verybecause it takes your mind off other Swimming SquadLeinster U18 fly fishing. important to me that there are goodthings that might be bothering you.Matthew Gardiner, Ami Pretorius,hockey teams. It was great for me toIn those 5 months I learned the Selected for LeinsterSouth East U18 Hall of Fameplay sports because for an exchangerules of rugby, how to pass the ball Schools InterproAnnabel Sweetnam, Nicki Milnestudent, as I am, its not always veryand how to tackle somebody. EverySwimming Squad Leinster and Ireland U16 easy to get to know people in thesport takes time to learn and, for Matthew also placed 2nd Rory Govan,beginning. When I started playingme, tackling was the most difficult, in 50m backstroke at theLeinster and Ireland U16 Whiteside Trophy hockey in KH I played with manybecause learning that you shouldnational Senior Short Henry Thompson,for Girlspeople from my year, which includedhurt your opponent is a very hard Course Swimming Leinster U16 Hannah Adams, me automatically. At the beginning ofthing to do! In my first game, I was championships Rex Dunlop,Sportsmanship the year and also the hockey seasononly on the pitch for a short time, Isabella Gogan,Leinster U16 we were able to try out to get into thebut I gradually got the hang of how Selected for Irish U12 Mitchell Thompson,senior A team and, because I didntto tackle. I would definitely continue Tetrathlon Squad Selected for the Irish Hall-Cooper Cupknow which level my new friendsto play rugby but, unfortunately, it is Henry Seebach, Emily U19 Cricket squad for Boyswere in hockey, I just tried to play inunpopular in Germany. It was still a Heather and Zoe Bolton,this team. Luckily, I made it, and itgreat experience.All selected for the Irish Stephen Walshe, made me improve myself so much by Junior Tetrathlon squad Sportsmanship:playing with all the other good girlsby Rike Nehring (Form 4)'