b'119PRESIDENTS ADDRESSAfter many years of involvement in theShould you require assistance, let us know. If you think running of the PPU, its a huge honour tothat your experience and expertise can assist others, have been elected its president. please get in touch and offer your services. Secondly, Phase 2 of our development Due to the pandemic, 2020 has been a very unusualplan is the growth of our connection year for the PPU.Weve been particularly mindful of the wisdom and care that so many past pupils havewith our school (Phase 1 was focused been giving in response to the crisis, whether it beon connecting with past pupils here in professionally or privately.I encourage you to keep anIreland and overseas). Our vision, as many eye on our website and social media for news items. of you will have seen from the brochures, This years reunions for the leavers of 1950, 1960, 1970,is to work with the school to create a new 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010 have been cancelled. Some, though, have been renewing old friendships onclubhouse on the site of the much-loved social media, sharing photographs and reminiscencescricket pavilion. of their schooldays. We hope to be able to resume ourThe envisaged space will provide the school with normal programme of events next year. changing rooms for sport alongside a caf. The As with the school, we took to Zoom for socialintention is also that the clubhouse will be a base on gatherings during lockdown.Thank you to all whothe campus for past pupils, incorporating meeting have participated in our events thus far. rooms and event space.We have planned two major steps thisI look forward to the opportunity to meet with year. Firstly, our business networkas many past pupils and friends as possible once support has just been launched and ourrestrictions are lifted. In the meantime, please dont mentoring and advice service will offer allbe a stranger. past pupils a resource to assist them andKeep in touch!to help each other as businesses work toPaul Rolstonre-establish themselves after shutdown.This service is growing rapidly.'