b'120DEATHS OBITUARIESFrank EdmondsonRonald FaulknerRobin LairdFrank Edmondson(1934-1938) (1947-1951) (1953-1958) brother of(1934-1938)Mary SadlierFrederick BestKenneth and Alastair Within a few months of Franks birth in 1922, his father died, (Mercers, 1936-1940)(1946-1950) David Woodroofeleaving a widow and two sons. Frank grew up in Bray and Robert GalwayVera Farrar(1966-1972) brother ofjoined his brother James at Blackhall Place in 1934. Recent (Morgans, 1936-1944)(Mercers, 1947-1950)John and Raymond research revealed that the Protestant Orphan Society paid Desmond MillsPatricia WilliamsJean Corriganthe school fees and that their mother keenly stressed the (1942-1946)(1947-1951) sister of(1969-1975) sister of Helenimportance of education as a way out of poverty. In 1937, Elizabeth BurgessMaureen and Sheila he became a Kings Scholar. His academic ability might (Mercers, 1942-1945) Howard FidlerPatricia Eccleshave led to him going to university but given the financial Alan Kirk(1946-1952) (1973-1979) sister of Tony circumstances, there was an onus to start a career quickly. (Morgans, 1944-1946)Sonia MooreJulia HarveyHe left school at 16 for a clerkship at the Automobile brother of David (Mercers, 1947-1950) (1974-1979) sister of Mary Association. He then studied after work for the Guinness exams Alexander Pattersonsister of Hilary David Robinsonand to his surprise, was successful in 1941. That day changed (1945-1951) brother ofNoel Tector(1983-1986) brother ofmy life, he often said. He spent the rest of his career with the Lynda company, qualifying as an accountant and then rising to a role John (1948-1950) husband in senior management. He retired in 1976, ultimately boasting, Sheila Bloomerof Iris David MullinsIm the bane of the actuaries. I worked for 35 years and have (Mercers, 1941-1945) sisterEric Butterfield(1990-1994) brother ofbeen on a pension for 42! He married Stella, a Trinity graduate, of Georgina and Jean (Morgans, 1948-1954) Ruth and Eve in 1948. For the two of them, educating their four children was Roy DicksonIrene Harristhe driving purpose of their life for many years. Frank had a (Morgans, -1948) brother(Mercers, 1950-1954) sisterSTAFF lifelong love for cricket (starting at school), choral music and of Derek of James; mother of NigelWilliam Harringtontrout fishing.Edgar HurstGillis, Hazel Gillis, Barry(1972-1974)(1945-1948)Gillis and Anna Gillis Patrick OConnor Leonard RedmanNeville Harris(1982-2003)(1944-1950) (1950-1956) brotherSusan Youngof James(Mercers, 1946-1948)Kenneth Walters sister of Elizabeth, Gladys,(Morgans, 1954-1957) Helen and Kathleen brother of Vera'