b'124Robin Laird Julia Harvey Patrick OConnor(1953-1958) (1974-1979)(1982-2003) From Ballyshannon, Julia was a talentedPatrick quickly established the Co. Donegal, Robin Lairdsportswoman at school,schools first-ever Leaving Certificate attended the school with hisrepresenting the school atHigher Level class in Irish. He proved brother Ken and was followedbadminton in the heydayto be a gifted teacher, setting a by his brother Alastair. A brightof the sport in the schoolserious tone and a high bar. He student, he sang in the choirand also playing cricket andbrought many pupils through the and served as head boy. He wenttable tennis. She studiedLeaving Certificate course with to Trinity College but did notEgyptology at Durhamdistinction. His pupils were very graduate, ending up studyingand was awarded coloursloyal and responsive to his colourful for the priesthood in Edinburgh.for badminton. She wasstyle of teaching. Gach dalta mar Ordained in 1965, he spent muchawarded her doctorate fromoiltear. A romantic advocate of the of his career as a chaplain in theJean Corrigan University College, LondonIrish language, he believed firmly British army. His last active ministry(1969-1975) in 1994 and undertookin the dictum gur beatha teanga before retirement, however, wasThe eldest of three sisters from Rathvilly, fieldwork in Egypt for a labhairt. He was a scholar and as chaplain of Sedbergh School inCo. Carlow, Jean arrived at Mercers in 1969. Sheseveral years. From 2001,an intellectual. His interest in the Cumberland from 1993 to 1998.was to become an excellent student, enteringshe combined a positionlanguage was linguistic; he lovedA newspaper report on file inTrinity College in 1975 to study Economics andas head of the Universitya good debate on grammar but he the archives explained that as aSocial Studies, as well as an accomplishedof Groningens translationalso had a passion and enthusiasm genial, friendly man, he can quicklysportswoman, excelling at hockey and later atand correction service withfor the social implications of the establish a rapport with peoplegolf. In 1975, she had the distinction of being theteaching Egyptology to thelanguage and its future.and that he encourages the boys tocaptain of the only K.H. team to win the Leinsterlocal University of the ThirdHe encouraged debate and think for themselves and not acceptSenior Girls hockey cup. She went on to play forAge. questioning agus mar a dirt s go things at face value. In recent years,Trinity and represented the South East, returningminic doras feasa fiafra.he had assisted at All Saints Church,briefly to coach hockey in the school. She umpiredBh suim mhr aige i nGaeilge na Sidmouth in east Devon. He camehockey at both national and international level,hAlban agus sa Spinnis. De rir a to preach at the Remembranceofficiating at the European Cup final in 1991.cheile, chaith s nos m ama ann service in Chapel in 2004. She remained committed to hockey and servedag pl coslachta idir na teangacha, A later generation of Lairds (Robinsas president of the South East Branch andmeon na ndaoine agus ag lamh a nieces and nephews) attended thechairperson of Carlow Hockey Club. Jeans othergcuid filochta. Bhodh se le cloisteil school in the 1980s. great love was horses. She ran a very successfulgo minic ag craoladh i ngach ceann riding school as a young woman and had moreacu ar BBC Radio nan Gidheal agus recently bred racehorses, including the promisingRaidi na mBascach.Well Set Up.'