b'WELCOME TOTHE BLUE COAT 2020From the EditorIt is a pleasure to present The Blue Coat 2020 - whether you are reading it in print or on screen as a pdf.As you would probably expect, some items are missing due to the global pandemic and school closure in March.One is reminded of how sporting events like the Olympics had to be cancelled during the Second World War and had to be replaced by asterisks in compilations.We now have our own special 2020 asterisks: summer sports, formal sports photographs, TY trip, and a few other items which are listed in the reports.The impact of COVID-19 has been enormous, and a flavour of this is captured at the end of the Extra Curricular section and in TY reflections in this issue.The last few months have veered between the frantic, the frightening, the sluggish and the calm.For a while, time lost all meaning when there was no punctuation to our days. A feeling of suspension prevailed, and it proved to be a time to reflect and asksome big questions.Perhaps these will be represented in next years Blue Coat.For now, enjoy this issue, keep safe, and remember to wash your hands!Joan KellyContents The Blue Coat MagazineVolume XCII No. 111Section 1General1 - 14 Thank you to all contributors.Section 2Academic15 - 36 Special thanks to: Section 3Extra Curricular37 - 51 Jean Atkinson for report liaison, expertise in sport, patience,COVID-19 Notes52 - 56 professionalism, diplomacy and kindness.Section 4Transition Year57 - 76 Alan Betson and Derek Tucker for formal photographs.Section 5Music and the Arts77 - 94 Andrew Whiteside for collating and editing the PPU section and forSection 6 Sport95 - 116 sourcing and supplying additional photographs.Section 7 KHPPU117 - 128 Kieran (of KMD Design) for great design and pulling everything together.'