b'21GUIDANCE DEPARTMENTThe Kings Hospital Guidance Department offers aForm 6 Mock Interviewssupportive role to aid students in making informedPartnering with the PA and the KHPPU for our annual personal, educational and career decisions. OneMock Interviews for 6th Form has been central to of the most important decisions the students willensuring our students will be much more confident make is that of career choice.when it comes to the real thing. The purpose of Guidance and Counselling in KH is to empower each student to get to know his/her aptitude, capabilities, talents and interests so that when he/she reaches their final year they will be able to choose a third level course and plan a career that suits their needs and abilities. In Transition Year, students sit the My Future Choices profile test which helps them identify and assess their ability, aptitude and interest in different subject areas.On completion, they receive a personal report covering over 40 broad career areas of possible study and career paths. All students meet with guidance counsellors to discuss the assessments from the test and are offered one-on-one support to develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals. Students attend an Interview with two experts in the In 5th Form, students complete the My Uni Choicesstudents chosen field of approximately 15 minutes profile test also from Cambridge Occupationalduration. When the interview is over, students are Analysts. It comprises a specially designedgiven immediate feedback in written and oral form. questionnaire where the responses are analysed andThey are advised where the interviewers feel they matched with all the courses available and the resultsdid well, where they need to improve, and are given compiled into a personalised workbook. The purposepointers that will help them improve.is to improve the quality of the students decision- Our annual Form 5 Careers Evening was cancelled making and reduce the risk of selecting the wrongin March due to COVID-19. Luckily, all Form 5 got to course in the future. attend UCD open day in early March, just prior to the school closure.'