b'29SCIENCE REPORTBY CIARAN OCONNORIt was with great pleasure that KH welcomed its first Laboratory Technician this year. With Ms. Sarah Lynch assisting, changes have been made to organise the equipment and reagents needed to optimise the Science experience for KH students.A curtailed school year meant that, unfortunately, our annual KH SciFest had to be cancelled. However, that is just one aspect of what we offer. Trips to the Science Gallery Plastic exhibition or engaging with opportunities like GLOBE and the An Taisce air quality monitoring project in Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020 provided real, live scientific data to prompt curiosity and questioning in students and will hopefully lead them to solve real world problems and to understand the global environment around them. I was delighted when two students, Thomas Eve and Robert Duggan in F4, carried on their research from last year. They spoke at the National Air Event in Kilkenny last October and then took part in the 2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium in April. They were one of three projects from Ireland and they joined 263 projects from 29 countries to exhibit their work and to be judged online. Their project was titled: Why Is There Such a High Level of Nitrogen Dioxide at the Entrance to Our School?They received positive feedback and four badges, which can be viewed below. Judge Comments:-Nice use of graphics. Good thinking with the NO2 Density. -This was a very well written and fascinating investigative research project.The importance of this research to the students, staff, and community ofthe school is so clear, as are the potential solutions to helping reducethe amount of nitrogen dioxide being emitted in the front of the schoolsentrance. -This was a wonderful project and is extremely relevant. -You showed good collaboration as your team did a good job of checkingthe results from other schools in Ireland to learn how their schools faredwith respect to air quality. Your team clearly can make a huge impact withthe research, and you offered very good ways that some of the air pollutioncould be reduced.'