b'35TALENTED YOUTH IN KH EARLY UNIVERSITY - BIOLOGYBY STUDENT LUCY FITZPATRICKDuring the 1st term of school I took part in CTYI`sOn week five and ten we had small 1-hour tests which were on Early University Entrance Programme.To be oneverything we had done so far. This included multiple choice this course I had to apply towards the end of 3rdand short questions. It was very difficult but I surprised myself by how much I had learned. In the final week, we did an end of year. I had to write 1 page on why I felt I should besession exam which lasted two hours and covered everything accepted onto this programme and my teacherswe had done over the 14 weeks. I had a lot of information to also had to fill out forms about how I work inlearn but I think this has given me an insight into exams at school.college level.I also had to submit my qualifying scores for CAT and CTYI.The course covered a huge range of topics from It was July when I got a letter saying I had been acceptedcells and their organelles, to Carbohydrates, onto the biology programme. This biology programme waslipids and Proteins. I really enjoyed it and have scheduled every Tuesday for 14 weeks.gained an insight into biology as a college course The course was called How Life Works. We went through aand it has shown me that biology is an area I huge range of topics. I had two, 2-hour long lectures a daywould really like to study at college. as well as a 1-hour tutorial where we did a variety of things including using microscopes and discussing how the topics weThis experience has also given me a glimpse into college life.learned about in the lectures are being used in the world rightI have experienced 2-hour lectures and I have learned hownow.to take notes more effectively during the lectures. The lectures were similar to 1st year collegeOverall I loved my time at DCU and it has been onelectures that were only slightly simplified withof my favourite experiences of the year.some background information included as we have not yet done Leaving Cert biology. I really enjoyed these lectures even though I didnt always understand everything, I did learn ahuge amount in a short space of time.'