b'36CYTI REFLECTION - ENGINEERING AND MATHSBY STUDENT JAKE FEENEYEngineering comprises two main topics; MaterialsAfter I did Engineering in CTYI, I did Maths next because I had Engineering and Electronic Engineering. a feeling that I would like it. I was correct; I really enjoyed my experience.Each day we were given a new maths problem every Electronic engineering consisted of the basics of advancedforty minutes. We then had to spend that time solving it. If we Electronics. A lot of it was practical and working out questions. finished it early, we had to try to extend the problem. This was our It was mainly practical and there was not much theory to it. I hadinstructors fancy way of saying make it harder.never done electronics with as much depth and now I understandHowever, there were two problems. The first was that for some much more about electronics and circuits. I know it will give me aquestions it was nearly impossible to come up with good colossal advantage going into Electronics in Leaving Cert Physics.extensions for them. The second was that the questions were Overall, I really enjoyed it. usually either very hard or very easy. I enjoyed the really hard ones, Materials Engineering was the most boring thing I ever did in myas I am not used to being challenged in maths. But the easy ones entire life! Every class, for the whole class, we took down notes. just felt like a complete waste of time. We had no revision classes to take it all in, just endless information.I ended up bringing in a book to class to read when I just solved He even jumped from slide to slide so quickly that on multiplean inextensible easy question.However, this was only a problem occasions we had not taken down all of it. There was so muchfor the first couple of weeks, as for the next weeks the questions information that there was no chance that any of us could take itgot harder. Despite those faults, I really enjoyed my time doing it.all in. Because of this and me having no interest in the topic (they expect me to care that one mixture of metals is stronger thanI was also given a maths project to do. I wont go into detail here another?) I eventually just gave up and looked on the internet andas what I ended up doing was very complicated and it would messed around on my computer. I noticed that on the Mock Testmost likely end up just confusing people. But I was able to day practically everyone gave up too. I even considered bringing inextend it really well. I found it very challenging and I also learned a book so I could productively procrastinate. something new while I did it.Overall I thought that Engineering in CTYI was aOverall I really enjoyed doing Maths in CTYI.My advice for those useful experience. I now know loads more aboutconsidering applying for CTYI would be to try something that you are thinking about doing after school. It is a great way of learning Electronics and more importantly, I know thatwhether you enjoy something or not and it can end up being Engineering and more specifically Materialsreally fun if it suits you. Engineering is not a career that I want to pursue. So I recommend that if CTYI interests you that you give it a shot!'