b'38SPANISH DEBATING CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPBY STUDENT AIMEE TOBIN BY STUDENT JAMES RALEIGHAt the beginning of September Spanish debating kicked off! We started theColm Keegan EPIC workshopprocess by doing interviews with Ms Leahy and Ms Fitzgerald in order to get a place on the team. In our interview, we talked about ourselves, our interest in politics, and the recent news. Our team consisted of six people, four people to take part in each debate, and two subs. During the year my English class took part in the Colm Keegan EPIC workshop. This was Emma Culleton, James Caullier, Richard Beattie, Aimee Tobinessentially a creative writing workshop to help us for our Leaving Cert next year. It was great for all of us not to be constricted to guidelines about what we could write about and how we On the team was Richard Beattie, James Caullier, Emma Culleton, James Raleigh,were to write it. We were allowed to express ourselves and write about what we wanted to write Harrison Jio and myself. We met every lunchtime before upcoming debates. Atabout. We first wrote poetry and then we were asked to write a short story. Luckily I was then the meetings, we planned our arguments, divided up the contents of our debates,asked to go to Tallaght to take part in another creative writing workshop with five people from anticipated what our opposition would say and practised our debates. Senoritaother schools. We were writing a short film. Again there were no guidelines but we all had to Clemente helped us enormously with our pronunciation and delivery.come together on the ideas and decide as to what we wanted to happen in the story. It was Our first debate was against Loreto Beaufort. We argued for the motion, esta casagreat as we were a very diverse group from a variety of backgrounds with very different lives. debera legalizar la marihuana which translates to this house should legalizeI think this added to the workshop as all our inputs were so different and our styles of writing marijuana.Unfortunately, our competition was extremely tough and we did notwere very different too. I think that the workshop was such a good experience both for my win.Our second debate was against Rosemont, and we argued for the place ofpersonal writing growth and also to see how other people write and think of ideas. religion in schools. Our debates centred around the right to religious freedom and the hate-crime associated with lack of knowledge about the religion of others.However, Rosemont presented a very strong debate and we were out of the league. Overall, Spanish debating was an extremely valuable experience that not only improved my Spanish skills, but also helped greatly with confidence in public speaking. It is an excellent challenge, not only to debate, but to debate in a second language. We are very thankful to Ms Leahy and Ms Fitzgerald for all the time and dedication they put in, between practising with us every lunch time to bringing us to the competitions. Bring on next year!!!'