b'39YOGA AND MINDFULNESS IN KHBY SUSAN LEAHYYOGA Mindfulness in the classroom Mindfulness for staff in schoolAs our world continues to change in ways we could never haveKH continues to explore ways to support its studentsIn August 2019, Ms Leahy imagined, our young people are faced with challenges that theinside and outside the curriculum. To that end, thisattended further training adults in their lives could never have predicted. In a world thatyear we brought Mindfulness to more students thanin Mindfulness teaching sometimes seems full of chaos, noise and confusion, yoga classever before. Form 1 students had a Mindfulness sessionwith the Mindfulness in offers a chance to switch off the outer environment and tunewith Ms Leahy where they learned the handy .b (dotSchools Project in Oxford in to whats going on inside. In the words of Ram Dass, it givesbe) technique during their induction day. Nearly allin England which allows her them a chance to be here now. Form 2 students had the chance to participate in theto teach adults in the school community. Through breath work, meditation, movement and relaxation,.b curriculum with Ms Leahy and Form 4 students allSubsequently, she ran a series of short the steadily growing number of yoga students give themselvesreceived a taster of this during their Life Skills module.meditations for her colleagues during 40 minutes a week to reset, recharge their batteries and relatethe autumn term and then eight staff in a different way to themselves and their day. Its the differencemembers participated in our pilot group. between finishing the day badly and bringing that home, andFeedback showed that all participants being able to leave it behind you on the floor. Its the differencefound a new level of community between pressing the snooze button over and over till you wakeand connection through the 8-week up cranky, and starting the day in tune with your body.course, as well as learning more about The morning classes in particular are oversubscribed, and theMindfulness and developing their own morning students show discipline, with some day-pupils gettingpractice. up at 6am to be in school on time for class at 7, while the luckier boarders are able to roll out of bed just a few minutes beforehand. The afternoon class grew so much this year that classes were regularly held in the Mahony Room, and a specialDave Mullen guitar teacher with Mindful practicethanks is due to Mr Lambert and his group of supervised studyThe Form 1 Music students also collaborated with Ms who always helped out with room preparation, and the sportsLeahy in their Music for Wellbeing module with Mr graduates who helped with the yoga mats! Mullen. Ms Leahy discussed the kind of music she Yoga classes for students run three times a week (before anduses for different types of meditation in class beforeOctober morning before yogaafter school) and are open to boys and girls in all years. The staffdoing a short meditation with the group. Using this as yoga group continued their Friday sessions this year too. We wereinspiration, the students prepared their own pieces ofThe lockdown meant that a second all robbed of the summer term which brings yoga class outsidemusic. Finally, pieces from Erica Barry, Alana McIlreavycourse couldnt be run, but we hope to in the grass under the sun, but look forward to what next yearand Evita Scully were used as background music in aresume in the new school year when will bring. I hope to see you on the mat! New sign-ups are alwaysspecial class for the Form 1 Music students and theirmore teachers and other staff members welcome, just talk to Ms Leahy. teachers!may consider taking the course.'