b'50They help not only patients who are HIV positiveOne was Mary Chidgey Community School inWe also went to see Victoria Falls, known but many people who are unable to go forKngombe. A twenty-minute drive into the bush alongin Zambia as Mosi-oa-Tunya or The treatment in a hospital. We met a few of the patientshorrendous roads and a further twenty-minute walk.Smoke Which Thunders so called for the and heard their stories. Many of the people who go forIt was in the middle of nowhere and crammed full of treatment in the hospice do not die there. They comekids. The children here were surprised and excited todeafening roar the Falls generate. We got for medical attention and return home after staying asee us arrive with our KH Pencil Appeal gifts. We hadthoroughly soaked walking beside the while.fun playing games in the yard area. The senior pupilsdrop and over the bridge but dried off fairly Later that day we arrived in Sables again. We werewere working on an English assignment, writing aquickly in the heat.brought into the main hall of the school where all theletter from the History Club to the National Museum children were gathered. Children grabbed our handsenquiring about a visit. The school name and addressWe had all been raising money to support the schools, and we were dragged into the centre of the dancing.was written on the blackboard.hospice and other projects in the area over the last year Music was blaring through the room and we got toThey were surprised and delighted to seeand a half. To see what the money can accomplish in chat with a lot of the kids there. Later some of the girlssuch an impoverished area was something priceless. Mary Chidgey walk in in person.We hopeWe can change lives for the better through continued got our hair done by the students. They really enjoyed plaiting it and trying different hairstyles.to continue to support this schools foodfinancial support of projects, school development and programme and library. with worming and feeding projects. Giving that support Over the next few days we were taughtwas the aim of the whole trip and I am proud of the In Makalulu school was in full swing, again pupils wereefforts we made.a bit of Bemba, the local language. A fewsurprised and happy to come out of the classrooms phrases we picked up were Muli shani -to interact and play skipping games with us. TheIt was the trip of a lifetime and I know that everyone how are you? and umunandi - friend. Weclassroom block KH built in 2002 is unfortunately nowwho participated in the trip will always look back on leaking and the toilet block needs repair, but theseour time in Zambia as one of the best things weve ever taught a few of the older boys the sametaken part in. We got the chance to learn about a new repairs are currently in hand, being paid for by the translations in Irish.money raised for this trip. culture and meet incredible young people whoA few of us brought our polaroid cameras and tookIn 2006 KH built a preschool, this building is now beinghave been through so much. We met memberssome photos of everyone to give away. The kids all reallyused by AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) providingof parliament and the Irish ambassador.wanted a photo of themselves but we only had a fewfree medical services for the whole community. TheWe were treated so well in Zambiato give away. A lot of us have camera rolls filled withwaiting rooms were jammed packed with peopleand appreciate our luxuries andphotos of the kids and selfies some students took.waiting to be seen. People can be seen for regularthe opportunities we are givenillness as well as being tested for Aids and malaria andin Ireland. I will rememberWe watched the judo team demonstrate some flips etc.have the results back almost instantly. Free counsellingevery moment fondly. We were shown dances and had poetry presented tois provided pre and post testing.us over the days there. Most of us got to visit peoples homes. Many live more than an hours walk from theAfter leaving Kabwe we got the chance to go on school in the slums and a few of the boys live in thesafari in Botswana and camp overnight. We saw many school itself. We talked with some of the students aboutelephants and hippos, zebras, kudu, mongooses, their lives and difficulties and got to understand whatbaboons, impala, warthogs and even a lion! It was really life is like for people in the third world. We visited theincredible to experience being so close to the animals two other schools in Kabwe that KH is associated with.in their natural habitats.'