b'52NATOTELA - COVID-19 - SUPPLEMENTARY NOTEGO RAIBH MAITHBY HEADMASTER MARK RONANAGAT AGAIBH! as you engaged through Zoom, a tool known to few of us prior to COVID-19.It has been a challenging We would like to take this opportunity toexperience: variable Wi-Fi connection, sharing thank everyone who helped in some waydevices, the strain of lockdown, concern for family with fundraising for Zambia. All monies raisedmembers and their health, jobs, and businesses.will have a significant impact on many lives.However, I am immensely grateful to you Through your generosity we brought out clothes, shoes, nappies, medical supplies,for the way you have engaged with your games, books, stationery . People wereteachers to ensure that learning could hugely appreciative. We had a wonderfulcontinue.I hope the lockdown has also time interacting with local children, teachers,created a time to learn new skills (maybe healthcare workers and the general public.I firmly believe that the trip will have a lastinga new instrument or language, or maybe impact on those that we met and also on ourtake up baking), to exercise, to read or own pupils.express yourselves through writing.Through backpacking, the CooKHouse recipeIt has provided time to reflect on what matters book, donations from the 350 Celebration, bakemost for us: the daily interactions with friends and sales, the wonderful Bluecoat Day Tearooms,This edition of The Bluecoat is being produced in anteachers that we only fully appreciate when were textbook donations and general donations, weera defining moment.We started this school year atdeprived of them.Also, the senseless death of were able to donate over 30,000. Thank youthe end of August 2019 during our 350th year; andGeorge Floyd has prompted us to reflect on the pain all. We donated one third each to Zamda andas we entered our 351st year in January 2020 we hadand distress caused by racism and discrimination to Ranchhod Hospice & Community Services.no inkling at that stage of what 2020 would bring forin all its forms. There is a need to listen, reflect and The final third we are using for variousus as a school and a world. act together to ensure that we can be true to our feeding, worming and building repaircommitment to provide a diverse and inclusive programmes.The closure of schools on 12th March asenvironment that is safe for all.We all need to do This money will go a long way but,COVID-19 impacted on Ireland was abrupt.Theeverything we can to be good people, who respect watch this space, we will be backannouncement was made at 11:30 am and by 5:00each other, and enable others to be what they ought for more ;) pm nearly 700 students had left the campus; andto be.M Murray, O Malone, soon after our society was locked down to prevent M Chidgey the spread of COVID-19.So began a journey intoOver the next school year, we will need to adapt, be the world of remote teaching and learning for youresourceful, creative and most importantly seek to and your teachers. Home became your classroomunderstand each other so that everyone can thrive.'