b'53LESSONS FROM A LOCKDOWNBY STUDENT JAKE FEENEY (TY)I still remember very vividly the start ofBut back to the fifth period.I went into Maths class aswouldnt be coming back. We hugged eachthe fifth period on March the 12th 2020.usual, took my seat and got my books out. But whileother and we cried together, knowing that thisI remember that earlier that day, whileI was doing that I heard people talking. They werecould very really be the last time we would see each spreading rumours, rumours of the schools closingother. Most of the year then hurried to the Red I was waiting for chapel to start, I wastoday. I didnt know if I should believe them, as a hoaxRec to take a group photo. Unfortunately, I missed talking about the Coronavirus with mylike this spreading was very plausible to me. After Ithis photo. I missed it because I personally ran to classmate Thomas Eve. He said that hesat down, I looked at Ms Swan to see if she was aboutthe library; I borrowed a couple of books that I was thought that there was no way that theto hand out new sheets or was she going to make usinterested in. I didnt take that many as I have farschool would be open that day next week.finish the current ones. too many books at home.Then I noticed that Ms Swan was on her computer. Immediately after the quarantine was I agreed with him. I personally thought that theI thought this was unusual and went to see what she schools would shut down at the end of the followingwas doing. I noticed that she was on the RTE websiteannounced we were all celebrating, at day as it was a Friday. During the Thursday lots ofand more specifically a page with an audio clip. Shefirst we saw it as a holiday. For me as an boarders were packing their bags to fly back homepressed play. We then heard Leo Varadkar, the currentintrovert, it sounded like heaven! But before the airports closed. It was obvious thatTaoiseach, announcing that the schools were closing.after a couple of days I wanted to goquarantine was imminent. We then instantly started talking about what hadback to school. happened. In the last ten minutes we were set work, but I doubt any of us gotThe main reason was isolation. To stop the virus from much work done. We were still in shockspreading we were not allowed to meet up with due to the news. Some students felt a bitour friends. Of course this didnt stop us from using scared by it. apps to chat, but there is a big difference between After that I went to Politics and Societycommunicating via an app and talking in real life. I class. The teacher, Mr Devitt, explained toremember that I tried to play Dungeons and Dragons us very clearly, that we were not the ones(a roleplaying board game) with a friend via Discord at risk, so we had nothing to fear and he(a voice chat app), but it just isnt the same as being discussed the reasons why we were beingthere in real life, so I didnt enjoy it.quarantined. He did a very good job ofWe were given work via Google Classroom from our calming us down. teachers, so we didnt end up in a situation of all play When lunch started, all the boarders wereand no work (unfortunately). Because of this I was in a mad rush to get their bags ready.working for around half of the day, similar hours toSome of them realised that they probablymy school day.'