b'59STEWARTS RT YOUTH ASSEMBLY ON CLIMATEHOSPITAL BY STUDENT CONOR HENRYBY STUDENT LUCY FITZPATRICKUnfortunately, COVID-19 brought a premature end to our engagement with Stewarts. No Flag Day, and no visit on Bluecoat Day- we hope that next year we can re-engage with these annual fixtures.I was one of 157 young people selected to take part in The final session, in the Dil Chamber, was broadcast on However, we were lucky to continue ourthe RT National Youth Assembly on Climate.RT News Now and Oireachtas TV. weekly visits to Rossecourt as part ofTo become part of the extraordinary event I had toIrelands young people have been leading the way on TY. The students were able to join thesubmit a written pitch about what aspects of climateclimate action, and now the country is listening. Through gang from Stewarts with many activitiesbreakdown are most important to me and why. I alsostrikes and demonstrations, weve helped to make such as hockey, bowling, board and cardhad to submit a one-minute video talking about myclimate issues a national talking point.games amongst the favourites. Somethinginterests in climate issues and why I wanted to takethat stood out for me was our increasedpart in the Youth Assembly. I then had to completeinvolvement with the Rossecourt Christmasa telephone interview. show. Not content with carol singing, ourAuntrys first ever Youth Assembly on Climate tookstudents learned a bit of Lamh for the firstplace in Dil ireann. It gave young people the time and were able to sign the words toopportunity to discuss what Ireland needs to do toFrosty the Snowman and Let it Snow,take action on climate and environmental issues atwhen performing on stage. Lamh is a signthe heart of Government.language used in Ireland with service users who have communication needs. (SeeThe selected delegates worked together in groups,https://www.lamh.org/communication/ with a facilitator, to work out exactly what ourabout-us for details) proposals were on climate action.'