b'61EUROPEAN STUDIESBY STUDENT ALEJANDRA MEJINOWhen I decided to start this adventure, I honestly didnt expect everything thatto Strasbourg that we were finally unable to do, or the project on the Sustainable was going to happen, and all the things that I was going to discover. And one ofDevelopment Goals, when we worked with people from other countries. But those things was the European Studies class.definitely what I liked most about belonging to this class was to do tours to the At first, after applying for being part of the class, I thought that it would be a lot forfamilies who came to visit the school, that feeling of being able to show people from me, that it would be a lot of work, but I soon realized that I had chosen well, and Iall over the world something that you are proud of and to which you belong. And started to really like the environment with my classmates, and obviously the teacher,that satisfaction at the end when they thank you and you see the student beaming Ms Malcolm. She made me feel welcome from the first moment and has alwayswith happiness, thats really worth it.been there during this year. Finally, there were two events I was really looking forward to but we didnt get to do Although our time was limited because of everything that happened, it would be- the trip to France, and Multicultural Week. It would have been very nice to organize impossible to name all the projects and things weve done. There was always soeverything and bring together all the different nationalities that we have at school. much going on and it was impossible to stop, but in part that was the best of theDespite everything, I just want to say thank you to all the people involved in this class class. Remarkable things would be the Euroscola video, with which we won a tripwho have made my year here even better.'