b'62EUROPEAN YOUTH PARLIAMENT (EYP)BY STUDENT ALANNAH GRIFFINAs part of European Studies an absurd amount of opportunities are given to us. One of those opportunities was the European Youth Parliament (EYP) which is essentially a mock version of the European Parliament itself but for students. You are put into a committee of your choosing and you are given a brief. You then have to work with your committee members, who you most likely dont know, and come up with a solution to this brief. It requires a lot of team effort and confidence; it certainly pushes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you a lot about the real world and how you have to work with people you dont know or may not even like.EYP lasted for three days. It began on a Friday andand solutions but through the process of eliminationluckily it got passed. After you presented your speech finished on a Sunday. On Friday the main thing waswe managed to come to a really good consensus. there would be this debate round. So, there would be team building. So firstly, we met who was on ourI genuinely think this was much more difficult than thethree rounds within the round. Each round involved committee. I chose the IMCO 1 committee, so our briefGeneral Assembly, youve just put a group of teenagersthree people from other committees standing up to was based on fast fashion: essentially, we had to comein a room together to come up with a solution to aask a question, or point out a flaw in what you said. You up with an idea on how to make sustainable fashionproblem that grown politicians would be debating inthen have two choices - you either wait until all three economically and ecologically friendly. The teamthe actual European Parliament so the fact that wequestions are asked or you can give a direct response building was quite fun, as we got to know each othercame to any solution at all is extremely impressive into each one in turn. EYP was an incredible experience more we found it much easier to speak to each othermy opinion. It takes another level of maturity to be ablewhere you mature, make friends and experience and we all relaxed a lot. For dinner we had pizza everyto actually listen to other peoples opinions and to besomething at least a little bit similar to the real world night, which sounds great but I dont think I can everable to say Yeah thats actually a really good idea, wellas a politician (minus the pizza every night of course). It look at pizza the same way again. done and I think a lot of us in the group, in the wholeis unlike anything I have ever done before; it is nothing Next day we did a lot of committee work. This consistedevent, were able to come out of it at the end of thelike Junior Debating in school, which is what you would of us coming together and trying to come up with asweekend and say that we definitely learned a lot moreinitially expect. If you are ever given the opportunity to many solutions to our problem as we could. A lot of thethan you would learn in a week of school. go to EYP and dont take it, you will regret it! Everybody ideas failed entirely, some we thought maybe couldOn the third day we had a general assembly which wasin European Studies should apply to it so you at least work and then there were some ideas that were justlaid out very similarly to a real General Assembly in thehave a chance of getting to go.genius. Initially it was difficult to get everybody on theEuropean Parliament. Our committee was the first to same page and actually consider other peoples ideaspresent our solution, which was very nerve-racking but'