b'63EUROSCOLA VIDEO COMPETITIONBY STUDENT ALEX ANDRSChoosing European Studies as an option was hugely popular this year. As well as the fantastic way in which the classes are taught and structured, it was also due to the exciting projects that we take part in - one being the Euroscola Video Competition.This competition consists of creating a video based on an assigned theme with the chance to win a funded trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the whole class. This year, the theme was Climate Change, and with an amazing prize at stake as well as the huge amount of other schools entering our class knuckled down with the aim to win.We spent time thinking of ideas, assigning roles, and creating a script. We ended up with a video plan consisting of the perfect amount of humour to keep the viewers engaged, while still getting the seriousness of the topic through and supplying quality information.The video was filmed over the course of five classes, where we moved to different venues and parts of the school searching for places and clips that would make the video more visually appealing. In the end, we captured many important parts of the school making the video the Kings Hospitals own. After taking many hours to edit and string together, the videos finish was great! Thanks to the dedicated team of actors, script writers and directors the video was a huge success and we ended up winning first prize and a trip to Strasbourg.Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 the trip wasnt able to go ahead at the time planned but we are all still very appreciative and grateful of the opportunity given to us and of the experience making it and how we pulled together and to create something of which we are all proud.'