b'65This meeting with the Ambassador provided veryPierre Emmanuel de Bauw. And I spoke about howand trying to make them side with our policies and interesting and detailed answers and it provedBelgium wants to support every other country inideas. Conor had also spent a lot of time researching invaluable when it came to preparing our speeches andmaking the step towards a greener Europe. countries views on the Climate Crisis before the debate debating with the other countries. And thats what weWith an allocated speaking time of only two minutes, Iand this background knowledge was critical to forming did. We spent a lot of time researching and preparinghad a lot to fit into a relatively short speech. But, whenthese alliances.and by the time February 27th came around, we feltI did finish, I felt very happy and proud of myself, andAfter lunch, the Open Debate continued. One of the prepared. a bit relieved!My team and I spent the rest of themain topics that was spoken about was the use of The day started with the whole European Studies classmorning listening attentively to the other speakers,Nuclear Energy. Of course, not every country could getting the bus into The Printworks Building at Dublinnoting their individual views and aims. We were alsoagree on this form of energy mainly due to morals, how Castle. There was an air of excitement and we were alltrying to figure out which countries would side with usmuch research has been put into it and how safe and looking forward to what was going to be an eventfuland which others would need a bit more persuasion.reliable it is. One thing that I found difficult was that, day.When we arrived, we were greeted with lots ofAfter this first round of Opening Speeches, the Chairwhen debating, you had to remember that you do not little Belgian flags and a delicious buffet breakfast. Theinvited the speakers to switch places and the floor wasrepresent yourself. You have to represent your country team spent the time leading up to the event having ouropened up to any country that wanted to speak. Theand make the decisions that they would make. official picture taken, talking with students who wereChair added that teams wanting to speak had to standFinally, after a lot of discussion and back and forth, representing the other Member States and treatingthe countrys nameplate up to indicate their wish toa majority supported the use of Nuclear Energy. At ourselves to the food that was on offer! intervene. 3:40 pm, the debate finished and the judges had to Just before 11 oclock, we were all called into theAfter listening to a couple of countries delve deeper intodecide on the winners. Barry Andrews, who had been big conference room. The setup was unbelievabletheir own policies, my partner and excellent debater,chairing the event, rounded the debate up and said and it felt like I was stepping into a real CouncilIbrahim, decided to speak. Ibrahim spoke with greathow impressed he was with how the day had gone. He of Europe meeting. To start the event, Minister forpassion and excitement, captivating every single personinvited the judges up onto the stage to announce the Communications, Climate Action and Environment,in the audience. He spoke about how drastic measureswinners.Richard Bruton spoke to the attendants about howhad to be taken by each and every country and heSt Marys College from Naas, who were representing important young people are for the future, especiallywarned that if we didnt, there would be catastrophicGermany won overall and Second Prize was awarded when it comes to the Climate Crisis. Following thisconsequences.to Deansrath Community College who represented MEP Barry Andrews, who was the Chair of the DebateAt 1 pm, we broke for lunch but it was by no meansSlovenia. Our team was given an Honourable Mention commented how much he was looking forward to thetime to relax! We were encouraged to speak with thebut I think I speak for the three of us when I say that we debate and hearing what the students had to say. other countries and try to form alliances. Two obviouswere a little disappointed with the final result. However, Then, the speeches started. As with all Council of Europecountries for us were The Netherlands and Luxembourg.nothing could ruin the amazing experience that we meetings, Belgium was up first. It was up to me to startNot only did we like what they had to say in thehad that day and it certainly opened my eyes as to how the debate off and to present my countries views on thedebate, but also because the three countries makeinteresting the European Union is.topic. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was veryup the Benelux Union. There is formal international nervous. The room was silent, expectant. I could feel theintergovernmental cooperation between these cameras and dozens of eyes on me. And I began. countries so this collaboration was inevitable. We also I mentioned how Belgium fully supports the Parisspoke with countries such as France, Sweden, Bulgaria Agreement and we stand behind the Green Deal. and a couple of others. Conor who was the teams I referred to our prior meeting with His Excellency, researcher did us proud, talking to numerous countries'