b'67We decided to base it in a school, where students were only accepted dueTY PLAY (Take 2)to their star-rating. If students misbehaved or werent up to standards with their grades, the students rating would decline. If the student fell below a certain rating, they were not acceptable to be in Brixton Academy.InBY STUDENT CHARLOTTE LINDNERthe production when students fell below the rating they heard a beeping noise which showed that they were banished from the school. Towards theOne of my highlights this year was the TY play. I chose it for my practical end of the play, these students reappeared and were mended back to theirmodule and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I couldve made. It was correct rating. This aspect of the play made it dark themed in parts withso much fun!the support of the lighting and sound effects. It brought a whole new viewThroughout the whole Year we worked on a Play, which we created ourselves. to the play, which if played too much it could possibly draw away from itsEverybody had to be involved and it wasnt allowed to be any longer than 25 comedic scenes. Overall, the play touched on many themes such as jockminutes. Our target was to take part at a competition in Cork. The TY Play is the culture, bullying, hierarchy within a school and the influence of social mediaonly module which wasnt rotating every few weeks (compared to the others), so on others. I got to know so many new people which was so helpful in the beginning of the We rehearsed as much as possible in preparation for the first round ofyear. And because we spent so much time together, everybody in the group got the competition, in Fermoy Co. Cork. We worked on new scenes that werevery close with each other.developed to increase the entire length of the play to a maximum of 25While working on the Play there was a little drama, it wasnt always easy to minutes in total. These needed additional rehearsals; so we as a groupcombine all the different ideas and put them into one story. But we all learned decided to rehearse on the weekends.These rehearsals were very beneficialand added many sub-stories to the main story so everybody got to act and was and the play progressed positively and more people became confident withable to create a very individual character. In the end we had a great story and their character. We participated in the first round on the 28th of Januaryeverybody was quite happy with it. Another thing I really appreciated was that 2020. Everyone performed brilliantly and we put on our best productioneveryone in the group was so willing to put effort into the Play and actually work that we ever did. It was an exceptional experience to perform in front of anon it. We spent a lot of time rehearsing it. We did it so often that I think Ill never audience. The judge found it difficult to criticize the play and wished us theforget my lines (or anybody elses). In January, we finally went down to Cork to best of luck for the final! We were officially informed about our qualificationqualify for the finals. It was such a nice day. When we arrived we were all a little for the final during Work Experience in February 2020. excited.After the mid-term break, we returned to rehearsing in preparation for theOur performance was even better than before. All the classes and weekends of final on the 13th March 2020. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemicrehearsing paid off. Everybody was so happy after it, we did the best we couldve we were unable to attend the competition final and it was postponed.and we had a good chance to get into the finals. After a few weeks we got the However, on the 12th March 2020 we recorded the play in the Wilson Wrightmessage that we had actually made it to the finals, we were all so glad that all Hall with cameras and microphones. A video was made and posted onthe effort was worth it. Everybody was so excited about it and looking forward YouTube of our whole production. I was delighted with the outcome butto the actual day. Well, then came corona and suddenly we all had to go home. disappointed that we couldnt participate in the final, as I believe we wouldSo unfortunately we couldnt attend the finals, nor any of the other schools. Even have done very well.though it all ended so abruptly, Im still so happy and am so thankful for all the The TY Play was definitely the highlight of my year. I recommend everywonderful memories I can take with me. It has been so amazing, I loved the group student to participate in some manner, because it is an excellent way toand got to work with so many nice people. I loved being a part of the TY Play, it make new friends throughout the year. Thank you to all the cast, crew and allwas so much fun and it wouldnt have been the same without our great teacher the teachers involved with this entire production, especially to Mr. Hickey. who always supported and helped us to create this wonderful Play. Thank you.'