b'71REFLECTIONS ON MY TY LIFE AT KHBY STUDENT NINA DAMSCHENFrom the beginning on, I signed in for all possibleA shopping centre, where you can get everything activities (I wanted to experience everything andneeded, is located just on the other side of the bridge. make the best out of the year).There are a lot of clothes shops and a cinema to I joined the Hockey and Rugby team,spend some time with friends.had drama and guitar lessons, playedI really loved my year at Kings Hospital. badminton and tried out several more.I got to meet so many new people, tried Most of them were new to me or I haventout new sports and activities, made even heard of them (I always thoughtfriends for life and improved my English, Hockey can only be played on ice), but Imall as I wished to. Im never going to forget more than glad that I tried them out.all the amazing memories I made. Hockey even became one of my favourite sports. GivenOf course, it can be intense sometimes, but I must that I was able to try out so many different activities,say time flies and I have to make the most out of Going abroad to live in another countryI developed new skills and learnt a lot. Moreover,it. Spending a year abroad clearly increases your on your own, where they speak athrough activities, you get to know more people fromconfidence and makes you grow as a person.different classes. My English improved very fast and language other than your mother tonguewasnt a problem anymore after two weeks. Its funny is a huge step. I decided to take that stephow you adapt to a new environment in a very short last year and I am very glad that I foundtime.The Kings Hospital School as my possibleThe school offers a great variety of facilities. We have exchange year placement.a gym, a big library, a swimming pool, rugby and hockey pitches, several rehearsal rooms to practice My plan was to come over for one year, to experiencewhen you play an instrument and two computer the Transition Year, to meet new people and of courserooms.to improve my English.In addition, the weekend staff organises The first weeks were for sure the most exciting andactivities and trips on the weekends for challenging. Everything is new to you, but given that everybody was in the same situation, we immediatelythe 7-day boarders, to ensure you stay became friends and I integrated into the school in noactive. time.'