b'72MY TY AND HOW CORONAVIRUS AFFECTED ITBY STUDENT CONOR FRANCOMEI really enjoyed fourth year and itfor the final exams was interrupted.However, I hope that all will returnby chance because I thought it would exceeded my expectations ten-fold.I also feel very sorry for the studentsback to normal by September andbe a good skill and help my fitness. I was welcomed into such a friendlywhose trip to Bilbao was cancelled,schools will reopen along withNow that I dont have rowing I need community of teachers, students,which I am sure would have beenrestaurants and hairdressers because,to find a replacement sport to keep staff members and such an amazingexciting. I was quite impressed withman, I need a haircut!I wish the bestme in shape.I found the answer on curriculum.how well the school handled theof luck to the current 5th years whoInstagram, as some of the sports staff I found TY was a blast. All of the tripssituation and how, even thoughwill hopefully, if there isnt anothermembers had put up videos of sports we went on were spectacular. Myschools were closed, they were able towave, be able to do their 6th yearexercises you could do without or with favourite part of TY was the Dramacontinue to educate us and to give awithout any obstacles or hindrances.minimal equipment.I hope everyone curriculum which I utilised to the max,proper send off to the people who willhas, despite the spread of the virus, participating in the Drama practicalnot be coming back next year. Something I miss from the school ishad a wonderful year and will come class which resulted in the class goingI personally think that it was verythe sports. I had just started playingback next year. To all the students who to Cork to participate in the TY dramaunfortunate that we were affectedtennis and was really looking forwardwont be coming back I wish you the competition. The extra-curricularby a pandemic because for someto playing more but I mostly missbest of luck with whatever you choose Speech and Drama classes which Istudents this was their first impressionrowing. It was something I started justto do next.also signed up for were made fun andof Irish school. For some maybe educational by Mr Hickey. I was also their only impression if they wont very impressed by our newbe coming back next year. I was very headmaster Mr. Ronan who was verythankful however that we live in a helpful in welcoming new studentstime where technology is advanced like myself to the school. He wasenough that we were able to continue always open to helping me if I had aeducation after a small break. I was problem or question.able to keep up with and study for Of course many people haveassignments as normal and was still been hit hard this year dueable to ask any questions I had about to the spread of thehomework or for the exams in the coronavirus and all thezoom class meeting. schools closing. MyThanks to technology, I stayed in sympathy goescontact with my friends and school to the sixthcolleagues. I did enjoy being back years whosehome and it was nice to sleep in my studyingown bed!'